Top 10 Posts From Insight Writer: 2011-2012

Time again for the 4th annual Top 10 from Insight Writer. Hard to believe we are going on 4 whole years. Lots of ups and downs. Recently Google hit my pageviews pretty hard with their “Panda Update”, but I’m sure things will pick back up again soon. Google always changes things to help me or hurt me, and it comes out even in the long run… Regardless, for those that are wondering Insight Writer topped out over 100,000 page views last year so I am pretty happy!

So here are the past three years worth of Top 10’s…


And without further adieu here are my top posts sorted by traffic for the 2011-2012 year!

1. How to Boost Testosterone Naturally
2. The Personal Finance Challenge Series
3. The Personal Health Challenge Series
4. On Being House Poor
5. How To Live To Be a Centenarian
6. Chronic Inflammation is the Real Killer
7. 10 Stubborn Exercise Myths That Won’t Die
8. The Benefits of Fasting
9. Drink Mostly Water
10. Focus on Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss

Honorable Mentions:

1. The Metabolism Myth
2. Minimize Your Stuff
3. Weight Lifting and Workload

Well there you have it. Another year down! It’s no surprise both my challenge series have a lot of pageviews as people go back and forth between articles. What is a surprise is just how many people are searching for things like how to boost testosterone naturally. Go figure…

I always like to think about how these Top 10 every year really reflect the most important topics and situations in our lives. I hope I can keep hitting the nail on the head with the articles I write. Off to the next topic…