The Personal Health Challenge Series

Here we go again…

52 posts on health over the next few weeks and months.

The Personal Finance Challenge went over better than I thought it would, and I am excited to start talking about health.

The Personal Health Challenge Series will be a lot like the Personal Finance Challenge expect it will be about health, and the post titles will stand by themselves instead of having “Personal Finance Challenge” in front of them.

After thinking about the concept more I am still very happy that I chose the word “challenge” and here is why…

A challenge is something that may be difficult, but not impossible. It is something that you have the strength and skill to accomplish. If you don’t currently have the strength or skill, you can work up to the level you need to accomplish your task. And completing a challenge is very fulfilling. 🙂

So join me as I seek to explore and explain the world of health! Good luck on all the challenges!

The Master List Of Challenges:

1. Drink Mostly Water
2. What Exactly is Health?
3. Invest In Yourself
4. Eat This Way
5. Get Some Sleep
6. Benefits of Fasting
7. Reboot To A Healthier Lifestyle
8. On Food Intolerance and Allergies
9. Move Around Every Day
10. Exercise This Way
11. Weight Lifting And Workload
12. Focus On Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss
13. On Taking Vitmains (The Problems With Pill Popping)
14. Cholesterol is Good For You
15. The Substitution Diet
16. Chronic Inflammation Is The Real Killer
17. Its All About The Hormones
18. How To Live To Be a Centenarian
19. How To Boost Testosterone Naturally
20. How To Have A Healthy Baby
21. Just Do it!
22. Walking is Mans Best Medicine
23. 10 Stubborn Exercise Myths That Won’t Die, Debunked by Science
24. The Metabolism Myth
25. On the Mind Body Connection
26. Change Up Your Exercise Routine
27. Be Ready For An Emergency
28. How To Read Nutrition Labels
29. How To Combat Fatigue and Tiredness
30. Control Your Food Portions Control Your Waistline
31. Keep a Food Journal For Weight Loss
32. Health is Wealth
33. How Should We Cut Health Care Costs
34. What is a Healthy Diet?
35. Grazing vs. Gorging (Food Timing Strategies)
36. How the Body Actually Loses Fat
37. The Desire to Be Healthy
38. You Still Need a Calorie Deficit
39. We are a pile of Microorganisms
40. How To Make Flossing a Daily Habit so Your Teeth Don’t Fall Out of Your Face

One for each week of the year. Enjoy!