Health is Wealth

Back when I was writing my personal finance challenge series I wrote an article called Invest in Health.

Basically it was about not being afraid to spend some money on good preventive health practices such as spending a little more on quality food.

I was reminded of this concept when I walked in the gym the other day and looked at the poster they have on the wall in there that says “Health is Wealth”. Now I look at this poster every day when I go to the gym, but it hit me in a new way recently. Just how valuable is our health?

If you really sit down and think about it health is practically everything. Without health we are slow in mind and body. The things we enjoy to do eventually become hard to do with poor health.

And have you ever really truly thought about what it means to be wealthy? I think there are multiple ways to be wealthy and I am sure you think the same thing too. We can be wealthy in mind, spirit, and body just as we are wealthy in money.

This is mainly a thinking and feeling challenge for you. To really consider the value of health. To think of all the costs to having bad health. And to maybe start do something about it. Or to continue what you are already doing to invest in your good health. This is an encouragement to continue on.

Remember to count your good health the same way you count your wealth.

This is our 32nd challenge in The Personal Health Challenge Series…