A Roller Coaster Week

This is my Saturday Rap where I give you my site updates and also deliver the best links I have found on the web for the week.

First, the site update…

Wow, what a week! I nearly had record highs and record lows this week. It was weird. A couple of my articles got a second wind on Stumble Upon, but one really took off. It was my article called…

What we all know about health, but don’t do.

It’s good reading if you need some motivation. Seems like about 1,400 readers would agree. 😉

And here’s the links…

I have 4 links altogether but this first one really hit home.

  1. The Razor’s Edge: Lessons in True Wealth – It has a very powerful ending, so please read it.
  2. The Socratic Method to Great Living (5 Simple Steps) – This is just a great read. Helps if ancient philosophers are your thing.
  3. Nerdy Productivity – I just love this post and the comics used to emphasize the points.
  4. Picking Warren Buffett’s Brain: Notes from a Novice – As some of you guys know I just love anything that has to do with the Oracle of Omaha.



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How To Prevent Dry Skin

As winter approaches, and because I live in a dry climate, I have often wondered how to keep my skin looking fresh, clean, and healthy. One of the best things that has worked for me was actually limiting my use of soaps. On most days rinsing with water and possibly washing my face with a […]

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Health is a Mindset and a Lifestyle

I think we can all agree that living a healthy life requires the right mindset and the right lifestyle. In fact, our lifestyle is often what gets in the way of our health. I for one am a road warrior at my job. I put 30,000 miles on my car this past year. Guess what […]

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Learning to Create Creates Passion

Have you ever wondered how people find their passion in life? I mean really, how hard can it be? People who have found their passion know exactly what I am talking about. If you haven’t found yours yet, let me tell you a few things. For one, I believe your passion is already built in […]

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Top 10 Posts From Insight Writer: 2009-2010

Here is my Top 10 List for 2009-2010. I started creating these lists because I wanted my readers to be able to quickly and easily see what my top posts have been. These posts are rated by traffic only. For the past year I wanted to see how my site would do organically rather then […]

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Quick & Dirty List of Personal Finance Blogs

As you can probably tell, I’ve been on a personal finance kick lately. I think the general trend you will see here is me switching back and forth between my three themes. Personal Development, Finance, and Health. I bet you will see a lot of health related stuff on here around New Year’s. 😉 In […]

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Personal Finance Challenge #7: Don’t Be So Personal With Personal Finance

Money matters tend to be a very private affair. Even married couples sometimes have trouble sharing the details of their financial lives with their spouses. Yet one of the best ways to improve your financial affairs is to share them with the world. Yep, you heard me right. It is better to be open and […]

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Personal Finance Challenge #33: Get Money In The Bank

This one is pretty simple. There is nothing like money in the bank. You need it, you go get it. End of story. Many people live paycheck to paycheck. They have debt, and no money in the bank. No investments, and no alternate sources of income. They lose their job and they are in big […]

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Personal Finance Challenge #47: Put 10% Directly Into Savings

One of the best things I ever did in my life was to have my employer direct deposit 10% of my check into savings. Besides paying down my debt, this was the single biggest thing I ever did to improve my financial situation. I can tell you that there is nothing like looking at your […]

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How to maintain a structured life while you’re unemployed

* This is a guest post by Bill at GeekMBA360.com. Every day I get a few email questions from readers of my blog, asking for advice on getting a job in the current environment. One thing I always tell people is that you need to maintain a structured life while you’re unemployed. Otherwise, you might […]

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