Great Lessons From Great Men

I figured since I am not producing much content of my own at the moment I figured I might as well introduce you to some of the other great content that I am finding out there.

J.D. over at Get Rich Slowly always seems to produce some great content. This article is no exception. He does an outstanding job at summarizing some of the best principles he has found in the many books he has read over the years.

Here is his article, Great Lessons from Great Men.


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10 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer

Well, Christmas is upon us here in the US and in many other parts of the world. The decorations are up. The tree looks great. The Christmas cards are sent out. And we are almost done counting down our 12 days and getting ready to feast and share presents. I am super excited to be […]

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Use It or Lose It

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much information passes through my head and how much I actually use. Which got me thinking about how information passes through YOUR head and how much YOU actually use! 😉 Then I thought about a little piece of information that had previously passed through my head that […]

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Magical Goal Setting

“Goal Setting” If you’ve been around the self improvement field or productivity field long enough you have probably gotten sick of hearing those two words. If you have set new year’s resolutions that never come true then you are probably dismayed by the very idea of a goal. Still, goals can have an almost magical […]

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On Community, Groups, & Vulnerability

I recently wrote on the importance of being part of group and had some mixed reactions. My main point at the end was that groups are natural to humans. We thrive in groups and it is natural to form them for many different reasons. I said that we should join a group to learn and […]

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Personal Finance Challenge #32: Negotiation Makes It Happen

In our consumer society we are taught that we have to pay the sticker price for things that we want. And for whatever reason we believe it! There are very few things that can’t be haggled because you always have the power to say no to the purchase. If a seller wants to sell something […]

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Personal Finance Challenge #27: Mind Over Matter

The phrase “mind over matter” has often been used in self development circles to help us realize that the mind can be more powerful than the body or any other physical thing. Believing in the phrase can help people gain the confidence to achieve things they never thought possible. Mark Twain stated it more humorously […]

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Personal Finance Challenge #40: On Social Capital

The theme the past week or so has been on social capital… Smiling More… Giving & Receiving… Working With a Coach… These are all things that help you work toward building your social capital. What is Social Capital? It is simply the value you retain by having the people in your social networks that you […]

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How to Live in Your Sweet Spot

Oh, how I love guest posting. Let me count the ways… Today I have a guest post over at Motivate Thyself authored by Eric Hamm. His previous post about Simplicity inspired me to write this. So I thought it was appropriate that I gave this to him as a guest post in keeping with the […]

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Personal Finance Challenge #44: The Dave Ramsey Way

There are many ways and methods espoused by different personal finance experts on the best way to live your life and use money for your benefit. In these next two blog posts I am going to talk about two people from two different sides of the spectrum. The first is Dave Ramsey who has probably […]

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