Want to jump start your health? Try a Yoga Retreat

Are you a health conscious person?

Have you ever tried Yoga or heard it was great and wanted to get into it?

Have you considered taking a vacation with the theme of living healthy?

Well then you should consider a Yoga Retreat…

I have been practicing Yoga for a few months now and it has been greatly beneficial. I feel more alive, full of energy, and able to move better then I have in a long time.

Even if you already have a workout routine Yoga is a great thing to add to it.

For the longest time I neglected one of the most important parts of building a healthy body: stretching.

Once I added it to my morning workout routine it really did wonders for me.

Yoga is one of the best, and most fun ways, to get your stretching in. And a Yoga Retreat may be the most fun way to start. Here is a great list of places to go.

Gayot ranks 7 Centers Yoga Arts in Sedona, Arizona as the best place to go. Here is their Top 10 List.

Yoga Insight says NaBalam Hotel in Mexico is one of the best places to go.

And as popularized by Eat, Pray, Love, India and Bali are also two great places to go on a yoga retreat.

If all else fails I am sure you can find a nice little place in your backyard. Yoga Centers can be found near every major city in the U.S. and a few hours drive should be enough for you to get to a great place that can help jump start your Yoga practice.

For those of you that have already been to some great yoga places would you be so kind as to include them in the comments.

Thanks and have fun practicing. Namaste. 😉

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