Look At What People Do, Not What They Say

People say a lot of things, both good and bad. Sometimes they mean it, sometimes they don’t…

What do their actions say?

For example, “Someone says they really want to spend time with you, but can never find/make the time. The action proves they don’t care to spend time with you. If someone says they love you then they shouldn’t be DOING things that make you feel horrible.

Don’t wait for people. To get ready, to show up, to call. Life is too short to wait. Courteous people are on time. Some people like to exercise their power over others by making them wait. Think all the fashionably late.” – Matthew from the ERE Forums

People are going to let you down. That’s a given…

Some people will let you down continually… You have to ask yourself, do I really need this person in my life?

The answer is you don’t. You are wasting your energy, and wasting your time. Think of all the other people who can benefit from, and will really appreciate, your time and energy. People who are naturally giving and want to give back to you as much as you gave to them, according to each person’s ability to do so.

It is one thing if a person isn’t able to give back…

There is always a bit of sadness I feel when I see parents of mentally disabled children. Yet that sadness is quickly overwhelmed by a sense of joy when I see how those parents interact with their child. They give a lot to their children, and receive hardly anything in return, yet those children do give them some things. They give their parents their innocence, their smiles, their hugs, and they give to their parents a greater appreciation of life. What those children give may actually be more than what their parents give to them if you look at it that way.

Now if a person is able to give back, yet chooses not to, there is something wrong. Sometimes it may be that they simply feel you aren’t giving them what they are looking for. If it is someone you care about, someone who has given you a lot in the past, it pays to see what that something might be. And do your best to provide it. Keep the dialog going… It’s in this way that loving relationships can increase…

However, there are times where one party is giving a whole lot more than the other person. This may be a relationship that has gone bad over time or it may have been bad from the beginning and you never realized it.

In either case, you have to decide two things. What is the real problem? And how much am I willing to give without receiving anything in return (how much you want to be a martyr for a cause)?

It has to be this way, there are no other alternatives…

You can’t keep giving to a black hole. Reciprocity is what creates more life, more love, and more happiness. When two people are growing together all things are possible. If one person is dragging the other one down, no one is winning.

I can’t tell you how to decide, but I will tell you that you have to decide! Someway… Somehow…

Just think of all the people who are losing out on what you can give because your light is disappearing into a black hole of negativity!

Please my friends, don’t let this happen to you.

Spend what time and effort you feel is necessary to salvage a broken relationship. And try to not form relationships with black holes. There are people who need your light much much more than they do.

If you have done all you can, and all else fails, please leave that person to their darkness and move on. If they do not want to change, no amount of effort on your part is going to help them. Use your light and energy to the fullest.

Go where you are needed, wanted, and loved!

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Make time for what is important to you…

Values, Priorities, Passion….

We talk about them, but do we do them?

Maybe you are like me and you like to concentrate on the big ways in which we can follow our values, priorities, and passions. You like to knock’em dead in one fell swoop.

Unfortunately, things don’t always work that way.

As cliche as it is, the little things really do count…

Now I normally am very vague talking about my personal life. I normally give a vague picture of what I am going through to make a point for an article. I give just enough to highlight a rather general experience most people have and turn it around to give you an insight that might be helpful in your own life. If not completely brilliant and life changing, it might be just the helpful reminder you need to live a better life in that area.

Well this time I will give you the specific instance.

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday. I live pretty far away from my parents currently. Something sent in the mail usually takes three days to get there.

Guess what?

I kept procrastinating on it and never got to the store to get her a Mother’s Day card. (p.s. She probably will read this, and be sad, but I have other plans that I believe will brighten her day anyway.)


I always thought tomorrow I would have time to get to the store so I choose not to do it today.

If I can convey any wisdom through my writing it is this…

Sometimes you won’t have time, you have to make time. You think you will have time, but you won’t. The time you thought you had may be taken away from you. And time is our most precious gift by far.

At least for this weekend, make sure you make time for your mom. And in the future make as much time for your loved ones as you can.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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The Best Snack Food For Weight Loss

If water counted as a food I would say it is the #1 snack food for weight loss. Since water isn’t food my top pick, after a whole lot of research, is that nuts are your best snack food for weight loss.

Why is this the case?

Well, let’s look at water first…

Often times when people are feeling a hunger craving they are actually feeling a water craving. Other times they actually have a nutrient deficiency and don’t even know it, but that is a topic for another time.

One of the best ways to lose weight is to simply replace all your drinks with water. This will cut out a lot of unnecessary calories, mostly in the form of sugars you don’t need.

Filling up on water also helps to prevent hunger pangs. I actually just found out another interesting thing when researching stuff for this article. (Did you know that if you know you are getting enough water, and still have a water craving, you could be at risk for diabetes? Good to consult your doctor on that one)

Anyhow, enough of the rabbit trails. Let’s talk about why I am nuts for nuts!

In all my research about nuts the only thing I could find negative about them is that they can cause inflammation in the body.

Here are all the great things about nuts:

  1. They have a good mix of all the macro-nutrients: fat, protein, carbohydrates.
  2. They are very filling, and are easily one of the best foods to carry you through to lunch or dinner.
  3. They have many great micro-nutrients in them including calcium, potassium, and magnesium.
  4. “Our epidemiological studies have shown eating about one ounce of nuts every day will reduce the risk of heart disease in the long run by 30%,” Frank Hu, MD, PhD, associate professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, said in July 2003.
  5. There is an epidemic of type 2 diabetes in the U.S., but research suggests that nuts may lower the risk. Women who eat nuts at least five times a week had a 30% reduction in diabetes risk over women who never ate nuts, according to a study in the Nov. 27, 2002, issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association.
  6. Dieters also stick with their eating plans longer if nuts are included, according to a December 1999 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Dieters did not feel like they were on a diet when they were allowed to eat nuts.

To avoid any of the downsides of nuts you need to eat them in controlled portions. This will help to prevent any type of inflammation problems from overeating and make sure that you don’t get too many extra calories in any given day.

If you would like to read more about nuts and nutrition then you should read the University of Nebraska’s newsletter that they compiled detailing a lot of the studies and nutrition facts about nuts @ Nuts and Your Health.

If you want to know some other great snack foods then check out the ehow “The Best Snack Foods for Weight Loss” Article.

What kind of snack foods work for you?

And… Have you been eating your Salad For Breakfast? ;-)

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Personal Finance Challenge #15: Time Is Greater Than Money

We tend to forget that time is greater than money…

We work and work and work, all so someone can put some money in our hands…

Then we squander our money away… on toys… on comforts… on required things for the job…

And hopefully at some point we realize that our jobs are costing us much more than we ever realized…

I hope you are not in that boat.

I hope that you find your job satisfying. I hope that your job not only allows you to pay all the bills, but to save a good deal of money as well. I hope that your job uses your natural talents and abilities, and gives you some joy in life. I hope that the people you work with build you up, rather than tear you down. And I hope that since you are improving your work, and your work is improving you, that your work is also helping to improve the lives of those around you…

Time is greater than money.

Money can be earned, spent, saved, and invested.

Time can only be spent and invested. You can not earn more time. Neither can you save time.

Time never stops moving. It always moves forward. And it only moves at the speed it moves at. You can not stop it. You can never gain more time. It is constantly slipping out of your hands.

This is why time will always be more valuable.

Trying to “save” time is a useless practice that often fails in it’s purpose. Trying to do something faster is usually not better. If something is worth doing, it is worth taking the time to do it well, not faster. If you can do something faster, then great! Now use the “extra” time you have to make that same thing even better.

You can not “earn” time. You can only trade time. If you earn time to do one thing, you spend time doing something else to earn it. It is all a wash in the end, and often leaves you poorer than when you started. If you get a great return on your hours spent, then great! But know that you did not earn it, you spent some time here to gain something else over there.

Time is spent and it is invested.

We spend time for enjoyment, and invest time in hopes of greater enjoyment in the future. Yet people often spend their time on something they dislike or even hate, in hopes of greater enjoyment in the future. It often does not work out as planned.

Time is best spent doing things worth doing. Time is best invested in making those things worth doing even better.

Treat time with the value it deserves. It is worth far more money then you can imagine.

This is our 15th challenge in The Personal Finance Challenge Series…

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Welcome to a New Year!

Happy New Years!

Glad to have you here at Insight Writer in 2011. Hard to believe it… Does anyone remember when we were partying like it was 1999?

Anyhow, as most of you know, I took a little break over the Christmas season to have a nice refresher with friends and family, and now I am ready to commit more time again to writing great articles for you!

First, I have an old article I would love to have you read called… Every Day Is A New Day To Start Fresh

And every year is a new year!

This is one of my favorite times as it gives me time to sit down and gain some perspective. To be reflective about the past and to look toward the future with renewed hope.

You may also want to read my article, Reflecting on Your Life, this time of year…

It gives a couple tips on how to reflect and what to reflect on…

And lastly, I want you to read my article entitled… Thinking of Doing Something? Do It NOW!

Hey, we all make New Years Resolutions. No better time then now to do that thing you have always wanted to do. And by now, I mean this year.

As some of you know, I’ve decided to move forward with one of my major life goals… Writing a Book…

This blog is the outcome of my writing practice…

It’s not always formatted right, sometimes I misspell things or use grammar incorrectly. Sometimes paragraphs or sentences are too long, or too short. Sometimes it doesn’t flow properly, and sometimes what I am writing just doesn’t make sense.

Hopefully, if you have been with me for some time you have seen my writing improve? :-)

In any case, it’s time to put all I have learned together in a book. To make it more uniform. To sharpen everything up. To get my points across better then I ever have before.

I’ve spent the better part of the fall writing about health, diet, and exercise. There is still plenty to write, and I will continue to write health articles throughout the year, but my new focus is going to be personal finance. In other words, how to best manage your money.

I want to give that subject a good six months to cover it as fully as I can. Then the last six months of the year I really want to hone in on what personal development is. Personal development is what will actually help us meet our health and personal finance goals.

Once this year is done I will have a great book outline, and a lot of the raw material for the work. Next year will come the rewriting and rewriting and rewriting that it takes to make a work of some significance.

Why am I doing it?

Like training for a marathon, it is a personal goal for me. Also, I feel I have a lot to offer people. I am starting to get emails from people who need help in their personal lives. People are asking me for custom dieting and workout plans. People are asking me if college is a good idea, or where to invest their money. People want to know how to pursue their dreams.

Each day that goes by, I am learning more, I am experiencing more, I am observing more, and I am figuring out more solutions to more problems. If I can help someone with just a portion of their life then I have succeeded.

Again, thank you all for visiting Insight Writer and for being loyal readers. As always, I welcome your thoughts, feelings, comments, questions, and whatever else you have for me!


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How to Live in Your Sweet Spot

Oh, how I love guest posting. Let me count the ways…

Today I have a guest post over at Motivate Thyself authored by Eric Hamm.

His previous post about Simplicity inspired me to write this. So I thought it was appropriate that I gave this to him as a guest post in keeping with the theme. Hope you enjoy it!

How to Live in Your Sweet Spot



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What Exactly is Health?

What is health? How do we improve it? Why should we improve it?

These are questions we don’t think about too much until we become “unhealthy”.

By thinking about it this way, most people see health as the absence of illness, injury, or pain. But health isn’t just about the absence of bad things happening to our body. It incorporates everything we know that contributes to our general well-being in mind, body, and soul.

There are many things that we can do to improve our health…

1. Exercise
2. Get Enough Sleep
3. Maintain a “healthy” body weight
4. Avoid environmental contaminants
5. Practice safe habits
6. Eat “healthy” food
7. Drink clean water and breath fresh air

And those are just a few things to think about to keep our bodies healthy. We also can practice a lot of things that help keeps our minds and our souls healthy.

Human beings have defined themselves as having three separate parts for a very long time. Many different societies talk about the gut, heart, and mind as three separate things. And science has shown that nervous system near the gut and heart can sometimes have a “mind of their own.”

There are many ways to define health, and many categories of health to look at. A person can be perfectly healthy in their body, but be sick in their mind. Or they can be sick at heart while their mind and body are functioning perfectly. And each area can affect the other. A person who has a sickness in their body can become depressed about it, and depression can lead to a sickness in the body and heart.

The complexity of what health is boils down to a very simple idea. Good health is what allows you to do all the things you would like to do in this world. And poor health is what takes away many of your options. In other words, good health brings freedom.

“The wish for healing has always been half of health.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

As Seneca said, a desire to be healthy is half of health. It is where everything begins. If you do not want to be healthy, then you will suffer the consequences of your lifestyle. If you do desire to be healthy, then everything else you desire in life becomes that much easier to attain.

For me, health comes down to one’s ability to accomplish things in life. I desire a little more in life then mere survival. And because of that desire I have to care about my health. For without health, I couldn’t achieve many of the things in life I set out to do.

Many people think that being healthy keeps them from enjoying things in life. They often talk about how boring life would be without alcohol and delectable treats. How boring life would be without dangerous behavior and other things that threaten health and life itself. People with this mindset have a very shallow view of health, and perhaps a very shallow view of life itself. I would go as far to say that they lack understanding of just how precious life is and can be.

Life can be very enjoyable without the things that bring you joy, but threaten your health and life. And many of the things that people view as unhealthy can be healthy and enjoyable in moderation. Striving for good health does not mean depriving yourself of some of the finer things in life.

Health is a mindset with the belief that life is precious. That it deserves respect. That your life is worthwhile. It is not to be wasted.

Good health is, in the end, making the most of your life. Enjoying it to its maximum potential. Health is the great enabler of life.

This is our 2nd challenge in The Personal Health Challenge Series…

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How To Setup Google Alerts & Your Google Reader

I just found a great article about setting up Google Alerts…

Google has so many wonderful products, especially for bloggers who want to either find more related stuff on the web or learn how to do better SEO.

Someone recently just told me they found my site by using Google Alerts and I thought to myself, “Why am I not using that?!”

I love browsing the web, maybe a little too much

But if I can get at the information I really want, without sifting through all the garbage first, I will save myself tons of times, and headaches.

So in comes Google Alerts….

If you aren’t familiar with it and want to try it I recommend this article to get started…

How to Setup Google Alerts

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Reaching Y’s in the Road


Some we make without much thought, others we think about so much that we never decide.

Some are easy, and some are tough. Some can even be considered impossible.

Yet in all of this we must make the decisions we are faced with. That is what makes us human.

Sometimes we are forced to decisions and other times we decide the direction we would like to go.

Although forced decisions often have undesirable consequences, its the decisions of simply choosing a direction that are often the hardest to make.

“Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” -William Shakespeare

I suspect most of us simply achieve greatness by our decisions.

Not only do we get to choose how we achieve greatness in this life, we also get to define what greatness is.

For some it is as simple as living by a moral code everyday. Or doing your work to the best of your ability. Or simply making sure the needs of your family are met.

That is my Y in the road…

As I stand there I think about how it is all up to me. There is no outside influence that can truly determine my path for me. Or even help me with it. The task and burden is mine alone.

For some these thoughts don’t matter. They live their lives how the see fit and make decisions as they come. Some see no decision to be made at all. Just things to be acted upon.

I think about these things all the time. What the future holds and how I can effect it with my decisions. What course of action now will produce the best outcome?

While some of this thinking is good, taken to an extreme, it can be very unhealthy. You forget the present for the future…

You lose yourself in a world of ideas, and possibilities, and even fantasies. Things not based in reality.

Yet, our world is based on such fantasies.

” . . . I want it said of me by those who knew me best, that I always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where I thought a flower would grow.” -Abraham Lincoln

Some of the greatest advancements of mankind have come through dreamers. Men and women who thought the present could look very different in the future. People who weren’t afraid to try…

“If we are to be really great people, we must strive in good faith to play a great part in the world. We cannot avoid meeting great issues. All that we can determine for ourselves is whether we shall meet them well or ill.” -Theodore Roosevelt

And so my main crossroads has been reached in my life’s work. Do I continue with the direction I am heading in. With a certain outcome that will almost assuredly be a good living for myself and family, and will provide me with a certain amount of job satisfaction. Or do I strive for something more? To be a leader and someone who strives to unite people for the common purpose of overcoming some of the world’s most vexing problems?

This is the essence of my dilemma. Why I wrote my post on monotony last week, and why I am writing this post today.

“You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.” -Woodrow Wilson

And so I say all that to see that my Y in the road was not really a decision at all. For me, it seems that I contrived the decision point in my head to make the complex simple. Yet, something like this can never really be a singular simple decision. It is one of those decisions you have to make everyday when you get out of bed in the morning.

It is necessary to be slightly under employed if you are to do something significant.James Watson

And so on I go trying to add my little ray of sunshine to the world.  I will worry less about the work I do for a living and more about the work that really changes people’s lives. Not to lessen my work any, it really does change people’s lives in a small yet tangible way. Yet, there is always more work to be done.

So in a sense my decision was already made. Just as each past Y in the road has brought me to where I am today. Each future one will simply be an unfolding of who I really am.

And thinking like that makes everything seem all right with the world…

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

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Quick & Dirty List of Personal Finance Blogs

As you can probably tell, I’ve been on a personal finance kick lately. I think the general trend you will see here is me switching back and forth between my three themes. Personal Development, Finance, and Health. I bet you will see a lot of health related stuff on here around New Year’s. ;-)

In any case, I have been partcipating in a couple of personal finance carnivals. Mainly, the Carnival of Personal Finance. Carnivals are really fun stuff and I am excited to be hosting the Carnival of Personal Development.

Also, I have run across some great lists that showcase the top Personal Finance (PF) blogs on the net.

Here is an article showing the top Technorati Rankings.

Top 65 Blogs PF Blogs by Technorati Ranking.

Here is an article showing the top Alexa Rankings.

Alexa’s Top 60 Personal Finance Blogs

Here is an article showing some of the top PF Blogs by Feedburner Subscribers.

Top 30 Personal Finance blogs by FeedBurner

A lot of these guys are in my blogroll. Some of them I haven’t had the time to really look at yet. If you have any desire at all to improve your finances then you should visit these sites, subscribe to them, and become a regular reader. Your wallet will thank you for it!

Sooo,… Does anyone know of any lists like these for the Personal Development niche or do I need to get to work making them? ;-)



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