The Personal Finance Challenge Series

As I was driving in my car today I was thinking about what “personal finance” means to me, and how I can help other people improve their own personal finances.

At the beginning of this year I had high hopes of writing a ton of personal finance content to supplement a future book that combines all the essential topics of Insight Writer into one.

So far I have not succeeded in producing as much content as I would like.

I may be having problems with writing about personal finance because it may be an overly simplistic topic for me. Both personal health and personal development are deep subjects that I can write endlessly about. They are also two subjects that are fairly complex.

Body chemistry is an amazingly complex subject. Scientists still can’t agree on the best foods to eat, the best ways to exercise, get stronger, gain more endurance, etc.

And when it comes to personal development and the human mind…. Wow, I don’t think we will ever have that figured out.

But personal finance, as I see it, is pretty simple. It’s not overly complex unless you make it that way (i.e. Derivatives). And following a few simple principles will get you very far. Save more money then you spend, stay out of debt, spend your money wisely. Simple right?

Yet people are still scared of money and are afraid to handle it wisely. And people are very oblivious to their financial situation. Outsiders can easily tell whether you are healthy, both physically and mentally, pretty quickly. Very few people can make an accurate judgement of your financial health by your appearance.

So while you can’t hide your current personal health, and personal development status, you can easily hide your personal finance status.

These are some of the ideas that gave me the inspiration to start the personal finance challenge series. And by challenge, I mean giving people a strong focus, a realistic goal, a measurable result to start gauging their personal finance progress by.

Good luck on completing the challenges!!!

The Master List Of Challenges:

1. Balancing Your Checkbook
2. Cancel Your Subscriptions
3. Plan Your Purchases
4. Use Your Money More Efficiently
5. Know Your PPP’s (Personal Purchasing Preferences)
6. Make Financial Connections
7. Don’t Be So Personal With Personal Finance
8. Money Is NOT The Answer
9. Become Your Own Director of Finance
10. Learn To Hate Waste
11. Inventory All Your Stuff
12. Sell Your Stuff
13. Minimize Your Stuff
14. Reap The Rewards
15. Time is Greater Than Money
16. Know Your Assets & Liabilities
17. Study The Greats of Personal Finance
18. Make A Plan
19. Keep It Simple
20. Keep It Fun
21. Look To The Future First
22. Break Big Goals Into Smaller Goals
23. It’s Simple, Not Easy
24. Don’t Believe It
25. Believe It
26. Celebrate Your Milestones
27. Mind Over Matter
28. On Being House Poor
29. On Being Car Poor
30. On Being Food Poor
31. Procrastination Kills, Or Kill Procrastination
32. Negotiation Makes It Happen
33. Get Money In The Bank
34. Gain Assets
35. Focus On Sustainability, Not Growth
36. Current Position Vs. Where You Want To Be
37. Smiling Pays Dividends
38. Learn To Give & Receive
39. Find a Coach
40. On Social Capital
41. Buy Local, Think Barter
42. Pay It Forward
43. Write Down Your Favorite Quotes
44. The Dave Ramsey Way
45. The ERE (Early Retirement Extreme) Way by Jacob Fisker
46. You Are Always In Control
47. Put 10% Directly Into Savings
48. Invest In Knowledge
49. Invest In Health
50. Invest In People
51. Make It Easy On Yourself
52. Put It All Together

One for each week of the year. Enjoy!

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