Is Stumble Upon’s New Share Program a Good Thing or a Horrible Thing?

First off, I want to speak my personal opinion loud and clear. This is horrible news for me. As an already active stumble user I have friends send me stuff they really want me to see. And by the very fact that SU makes it somewhat hard to send stuff to a lot of people… Well then, people only send me stuff they know I like…

I first heard about this new Share program at 3 Dog Media. Check out the currently 119 reviews on its SU page.

Normally a page that gets that many reviews will have 4 or 5 stars. Unless, it gets a lot of thumbs down. Well, that’s just what happened.

What is the general consensus of the reviews? THIS IS SPAM and I don’t like it! Read them for yourself.

I am curious though. What are YOUR thoughts?

I am going to send this through the SU Share program. It might be my one and only time I do it.

Why? I get enough feeds already. I don’t need moreĀ  stuff coming to my email. 30 new shares in a single day is just too much. Times that by another 30 and I am looking at 900 pages a month. Not to mention the stuff I already look at. Can you say insane?!

Will I miss out on some cool stuff? Probably.

Call my old school or whatever you want. I liked how SU worked before this new program. Normally I am very accepting of news things like this.

And maybe I will come to love it because it does make things easier…

But enough about my thoughts, what are yours?



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