Your Goals Define You

Many of you have made your New Year’s Resolutions. Some of you haven’t because you either don’t believe in resolutions at this time of year or you are content with where you are at. In either case, you have made a decision. A decision that defines you more than you know…

Our lives are defined by our actions. And our actions spring from our character. If you have made a resolution this year it says something very important about your character.

Whether you follow through or not on your resolution also says something about your character.

The reason change comes hard sometimes is that most people don’t dig deep enough. Many times we want things in a superficial way, but deep down we don’t want it as bad as we think. Our actions speak to our character. And change seems hard because our character hasn’t changed.

Yet, if we change our character everything can come easier. Resolutions and goals alike can be more easily achieved if our character is changed.

If we have a character that places an importance on health, then good health will come easier.

The only reason I separate character from you as a person is to help you see how we need to look deeper.

For instance, you aren’t necessarily overweight because you eat too much. You could be overweight because you have an emotional attachment to eating.

Your emotional reaction to any circumstance speaks to what kind of character you have.

There are plenty of excuses and obstacles to make it harder than it has to be to reach your goals and resolutions.

The key here is to take a long and honest look at yourself…

Are you prepared to do what it takes to meet your goals? Are you alright with changing your character to meet those goals you have set upon yourself?

In the end do YOU believe you have what it takes? And if you don’t have it right now, are you willing to do what it takes to get what it takes?

I hope you can answer yes to that question.

And notice that I said you might not have what it takes right now, but you can get it.

Dig deeper.

Realize that there are more than superficial things stopping you from achieving your goals. There could very well be much deeper things you have to look at first.

Ask yourself, am I the type of person that can rise to the challenge of achieving this goal? If you don’t think or feel you are that type of person then ask yourself, “How can I BE that type of person?”

That’s what I mean when I say that its your character that creates your actions. And it’s your actions that will help you achieve your goals.

Ponder on this before we dive a little deeper into how we can achieve our New Year’s resolutions. And the goals we have set for ourselves this year. Physical, Mental, Financial, Spiritual, and whatever other type of goal you have set your mind to…

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