Mushrooms ARE Good For You

I recently happened upon an article on MSN called 5 Foods Every Man Should Eat More Of. Yes, I usually read this stuff when boredom at work sets in.

But I actually learned something useful today.

Mushrooms ARE Good For You!!!

You see, here is what happened to me.

A friend in college got me hooked on adopting a vegetarian lifestyle for a number of convincing reasons. He also happens to be the reason I don’t drink milk anymore (but still enjoy the occasional milk product such as cheese, or ice cream).

One thing he got me hooked on was a restaurant that had portabella mushroom sandwiches. Mmmm. They were so good. Problem for me, I ate three in one week and got sick. Now granted, I could have gotten sick from something besides the mushrooms, but it does have a strong psychological effect.

Now I read on MSN that mushrooms are awesome for Men’s Health. Huh, maybe I should check this out.

So I found a great website about mushrooms…

Fresh Mushrooms – Nature’s Hidden Treasures.

And now I am going to incorporate them into my diet more…

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever added (or subtracted) food from your diet because of something someone said, or something you read somewhere, or even a personal experience? I’d love to hear it.

3 thoughts on “Mushrooms ARE Good For You”

  1. I love Mushrooms – you just have to be careful if you’re picking them up in the wild… Could be poisonous!

    The only thing I’ve ever consciously added to my diet is yogurt. Similar to mushrooms, yogurt.

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