Top 10 Posts From Insight Writer: 2009-2010

Here is my Top 10 List for 2009-2010.

I started creating these lists because I wanted my readers to be able to quickly and easily see what my top posts have been.

These posts are rated by traffic only. For the past year I wanted to see how my site would do organically rather then always be promoting it in the social arena. Therefore, these posts, especially the top couple of them, became top posts because of Google and other search engines.

As for next year I do plan on easing my way back into social networking and promotion. We will see how things go… Until then…

Enjoy my top posts of the year sorted by traffic…

  1. Health Week: The Best Morning Exercise Routine.
  2. How To Live Like You Were Dying
  3. On The Importance of Being Part of a Group
  4. Everyday is a New Day to Start Fresh
  5. How To Choose Between Two Good Things
  6. Do You Think You Are Always Right
  7. How To Relax After Work
  8. How To handle Life’s Twists & Turns
  9. Never Take Counsel of Your Fears
  10. How To Train New Employees

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Posts From Insight Writer: 2009-2010”

  1. These are all great articles, its always good to make a list of your best posts so you can use them as a resource. Thanks for sharing these articles.

  2. Hey Jeremy, great idea you had of ranking these articles and putting them together for a post. I am seeing alot of bloggers do that lately, and it’s just an overall great idea. It’s interesting that you choose to rank them by traffic, something that the others are not doing, now if we could only see the numbers 😉

    Till then,


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