The Value Project Finale

Instead of my usual Saturday Rap I have decided to “rap up” the group writing project on value.

This has been great fun and it has taken me awhile to read through all the posts on value. Might I say we have created quite a bit of value in writing these posts. My hope is that we can take what we have learned from each other here and use it to create more value in the world.

Here I will list each post, in no particular order, and provide a short commentary. (If the commentary is in quotes it is a direct quote from the writer’s article. If there are no quotes it is my commentary on the article.) Please take the time to read as many of these as you can…

  • The Power of Creating Value by Vincent – “Regardless of your career, you can always provide more value by having an attitude of excellence.”
  • Something extraordinary is happening by Mokihana – Things have value simply by there being.
  • Are you creating enough value to be indispensable during this rough economic time? by Mark Foo – “Value creators are the people who’ll take the initiative to go the extra mile for their employers, clients, business associates and/or co-workers. They’re always willing to put in that little extra effort to do things better.”
  • How to create outstanding value by Jeremy Day – Become outstanding at fulfilling people’s needs.
  • How Curious Moments Add Value by Davina – “A person never knows what they’re missing until they go there. And they can’t go there if they assume they are already there.”
  • Becoming a Person of Value by Daphne – Discover your REAL values.
  • Finding Value in Uncertainty by Betsy Wuebker – “Carrying a suitcase full of passion, curiosity, service and gratitude through life adds no weight to the load.  Is this why those who are rich in these things can soar?”
  • Mug vs. Heart by Patricia – Very interesting story making us think about what we value.
  • Value: Passion vs. Greed by Trey Baird – Value is strongly associated with passion and not greed or profit.
  • Why we hate Paris Hilton by Hayden Tompkins – “In order to transform our society into a more value driven one, we need to expand and extend our awareness of the truth about money.”
  • What the Heaven is Value? by Akemi – “We can’t really “create” value.  That is just a way of saying.  Crating value means creating products or services that deliver value.  (Even I, who has little idea of math and physics, know energy only changes forms, but can’t be created nor eliminated.  Energy only circulates, changing forms.)”
  • Did you create value in your life today? by Juliet Du Preez – This is a double awesome poem about value. I can’t speak highly enough about how cool this poem is!!!
  • What is YOUR value and how do you MAXIMIZE it? by Maya – A good way to look at your own value.
  • The Values that Guide Us by Stacey – “I believe the value we offer to the world is a reflection of our core values. Ideally, what we stand for and what is important to us is reflected in the words we write.”
  • Lightworkers, Darkworkers, and the Other Kind by Hunter Nuttall. This is a great article by the man who inspired this group project. It has me thinking even deeper about how some people create value and how others steal value. Definitely food for thought.
  • In Search of Value by Ian Peatey – “For society to rediscover what we know about value on an individual level, enough of us need to rediscover it for ourselves. We can change how we use money, change what we pursue, recognize the value in people and not allow ourselves to be fooled that objects and money are more important than human beings.”
  • Diamond In A Ruff by Bunny – “Share your experience with others, and be a good listener. Offer others something more valuable than money – that once spent, is forgotten. Give them your time, your encouragement and your knowledge.”
  • Know Your Value by Amanda Linehan – “Discover how you are valuable and demonstrate that to others.  Money isn’t the root of anything, but value is the root of everything.”

Thank you all so much for participating. Both for writing the articles and taking the time to read them. I think just by writing and reading these we are adding a lot of value to the world.

If there are still articles for the value project floating around out there or if you still want to add yours please just notify me or trackback this post. I’ll be more than glad to add it on here.

Lastly, please leave your comments. I would like to know what you thought of this project, what you got out of it, and what other project ideas might be good for the future…

16 thoughts on “The Value Project Finale”

  1. I am honored to have my name amongst all of those talented writers up there. This has been a very fun, and valuable exercise for me, Jeremy. I want to personally thank you, and everyone who participated in the project for this experience.

    I can’t wait for the next Insight Writer Group Project… *wink wink*

    Trey – Swollen Thumb Entertainment’s last blog post..Kevin Smith: Filmmaker/Nerd

  2. Jeremy,
    This was such a grand experiment and added value to me and mine….it is just taking me a while to read all this fine writing….Thank you for your efforts…each and every one…SWEET…a great valentine gift

    Patricia’s last blog post..Observation Point

  3. I would like to add my voice of thanks and gratitude to you, Jeremy, for providing the inspiration and initiative for making this happen. It warms my heart and soul to see a group of talented thinkers and writers come together for a common theme.

    Judging from my stats, the theme was incredibly popular (almost three times as many people read my post as read my second ‘most read’ post!). It was a pleasure to be part of this venture.


  4. Jeremy,

    This sounds like it was a wonderful initiative, and although I am a newbie to your blog, I look forward to reading as many of these as I can.



  5. Hey Jeremy,

    Thanks for adding me.

    Sorry I didn’t get it to you before the first but had good intentions.

    Everyone did such a great job and this was so much fun.

    Thanks for the wonderful experience.

  6. I’ve read all the articles you’ve listed here and I’m really impressed with the quality of them. I think it’s because you’ve picked a good topic which has really got people thinking.

    Julian’s last blog post..How To Sleep Better

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