Striving for Virtuous Ideals

Getting people to think deeply is one of the things I do best. Actually, if I really think about it, my goal is actually to get people to ponder life and have wondrous thoughts that will change them for the better…

I owe a lot of my hard gained wisdom to the people who have come in and out of my life who have shared their experience. And from the great men and women who have written some of the great books I have read.

Adam doesn’t really know this (although he is about to), but he is one of the many who has shared his wisdom with me through his writing.

I don’t know him, but through his writing, he comes off as a very unique type of artist. An artist that I would define as a craftsman.

The word craftsman may have a different meaning to you than to me. To me, it means someone who has a deep devotion to his or her craft. Someone who yearns for or strives for perfection. There is a great truth in superb beauty and a true craftsman goes after it with all of their heart.

I recently read Adam’s blog post entitled “Why Japanese Design?” He talks about how it has been greatly influential in his life and how it has inspired him to do the work he is doing now.

There is a certain purity that comes from striving for virtuous ideals. He openly wonders why no one asks him why he makes japanese inspired furniture. They ask him many other questions, but not that one.

I’d like to think I would ask him the question, but maybe I wouldn’t…

People often ask me what I am doing, how I do it, and what I plan to do in the future. People don’t often ask why. The thing is, asking why oftentimes answers all the other questions.

It is the why that drives us. The why that frees us. Somehow these ideals have landed in our minds and in our hearts. And we must pursue them. Or deal with a certain inward pain that we can not escape all our lives.

This pain lets us know that our work is not complete. We are not doing what we are meant to do, we are not becoming who we are meant to become…

Only by facing our ideals can we see them. Only by seeing them can we know what they really are. And what they really are is us…

4 thoughts on “Striving for Virtuous Ideals”

  1. There is perfection in the universe, that perfection is why some take action, and others do not. Everything and everyone works within the design of that perfection. Taking action and just allowing the universe to perfectly work itself out, is one in the same thing. If you are not taking action, it is perfect by design that you do not. If you are taking action, then the design is working perfectly as well. The only choice you really have is your perspective on things (yet even that is the design of cause and effect), for most people this will not be an acceptable perspective since it eliminates excessively a large amount for them, especial when looking through the mind/ ego. The easiest way to get around this is to just do what you love, do what you absolutely enjoy, live your passion, and forget about the fine points. Obviously, everything is going to work out in perfect order, therefore you might as well love the course of action. Rather you leave that action to the universe or yourself, if you’re doing what you passionately love then what is the problem? That’s why I do what I do. I would love to others ‘why’… anybody that is willing to share. I love all the different perspectives. Anybody?…

    Nicholas Powiull’s last blog post..Powiull Sleep Day 42 (New Changes and More Information About Vibrational Frequency)

  2. Jeremy, you are a philosopher. I say this because philosophy asks questions and often answers questions with other questions. The philosopher will often inspire others to ask questions of themselves, which is where the truth exists — within the individual — not from outside sources.

    It should not matter that others do not inquire about our motives or purpose (such as the Japanese furniture maker) — it only matters that we are seeking to become our ideal self.

    “Philosophy begins in wonder.” ~ Plato

    Kent @ The Financial Philosopher’s last blog post..Why You Need ‘Common Cents’

  3. Hi Kent,

    Very true. I do see myself as the philosopher. I love asking questions and getting people to think deeply about their life. I guess maybe the only thing that does matter is seeing to become our ideal self and not worrying about what other people think so much.


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