Why You Should Adopt A Dieting Lifestyle

Let’s face it… dieting doesn’t work…

This on again, off again fad never seems to die. In a little over 3 months from now people all over the world will make a resolution to lose weight. And then they will start dieting for anywhere from a week to a few months with some very mixed results.

Nearly all of those that start dieting will quit in a short amount of time and regain back everything they lost and possibly some more. What are we to do?

The answer is simple yet hard… Make your diet a permanent lifestyle choice.

I’ve heard it time and again from doctors and health practitioners everywhere. Nearly anything will work, if you actually do it. What’s the best advice that goes along with that idea?

…Eat Less, Do More…

Yet it is hard to practice…

We can’t seem to stop ourselves from eating. It’s almost like we are addicted. In fact, research continues to show that eating can be as addictive as cocaine.

Now this kind of research makes headlines because it is so dramatic, but it is also true. In comes the personal development aspect of things.

You see, we are able to gain some control over things if we recognize what is happening to us. If we gain some self discipline. If we are able to take baby steps towards better health. Then we will slowly find the power to lose weight, be healthier, and feel better about ourselves…

5 thoughts on “Why You Should Adopt A Dieting Lifestyle”

  1. The problem is people try to look for that shortcut and quick solution, instead of making long run and permanent lasting goals for their lifestyle. Once they are able to see the truth and realize they need to do it for the lifestyle as you mention here, then they will be success in the figure/body they want!

    Till then,


  2. Eating is addictive – just ask my girlfriend hahaha. Really, though, I just read the book “Long for this World” there was a chapter about an old lady who studied a particular single cell organism… They found that if they overfed these things they would die about 5-10 times faster than if they used calorie restriction. I recommend the read.

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