The Top 5 Key Advantages of Being an Optimistic Individual

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“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”
-Henry Ford

I am a naturally optimistic indvidiual. Being optimistic is something that comes with my personality.

I recently visited California for a few days, and it was a nice time. I spent time with my family, went to a beautiful beach, and had some great food. I just went with the flow, and the experiences turned out to be really joyful and fun. At this stage in my life, I would attribute these good times I got to spend with my family for a few days had to do with my optimism and my expectancy for good things to happen.

I have found from my own optimism along with observing other optimistic people, that there are 5 Key Advantages that we all share.

The 5 advantages include:

1. Better shot at a successful outcome

I have found that an optimistic attitude towards life allows you to have a better opportunity at a successful outcome in any goal you pursue. Is it assured success? No, not entirely, but the optimistic attitude makes the journey a lot more fun and worthwhile.

2. Higher Levels of Creativity

I have found that being optimistic can increase ones level of creativity. When a person is optomistic about his/her creativity they generally can take their creativity to the next level with confidence. A higher level of creativity results from having the ability to feel optomistic about a given project.

3. More Willing to Get Outside of Their Comfort Zone

Optimistic people are more willing to get out of their comfort zone and try new things, because they are focused on things going “well.” This mindset allows them doors of opportunity to continue to open up for them because of the chances they take in an optimistic manner leads them to this realization.

4. Present Moment Awareness

The optimistic person has an advantage in that they understand the importance of being in te present moment. The people that develop this sense of awareness being to feel more fuffilled as a result because their energy is focused on the here and now. They find joy in the now, so therefore their efforts in the now come from an honest place…their heart.

5. More Fun to Be Around

Optimistic people are more fun to be around, because they are not concerned most of the time, with what is going wrong instead they focus on what is going well. This focus makes them more fun to be around, because generally people bring more joy to the table. Who doesn’t want more joy?

5 thoughts on “The Top 5 Key Advantages of Being an Optimistic Individual”

  1. Hey Jeremy!

    Glad to be a part of this wonderful blog space of yours, spreading the optomism and positive thoughts here. Thank your for the opportunity! I appreciate it.



  2. Thanks Kory, glad you found some value in this. Yes, give some of these a shot for I’d say a 1 week and from my own experience with doing these, I am certain you will begin to see a difference in your energy level.

  3. Agree on all counts. I try these things every day. Nobody’s perfect though, and when the boss is nagging it’s hard to be optimistic and cheery!

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