Top 10 Posts from Insight Writer

Many people do their top posts for the year in December or January. I figured I would do mine in the middle of the year.

I first want to say I have felt very lucky to have all the visitors I have had. I am about to pass the 50,000 page view mark and I am currently averaging around 100 visitors a day. So thank you all for visiting and for all the comments. And especially for subscribing! I love it when new people subscribe every day!

As for the future, it only seems bright. I have been pondering my top 10 list and have been asking myself why these specific posts have done so well. Partly it is because of my promotional efforts, but I believe the titles are what attracts people to read. These titles and the content held within are what people are looking for and what they need.

I know I won’t always be able to write a “Top 10” quality article, but I am certainly going to strive to do just that from here on out. So here ya go, my top 10 list to date…

  1. What we all know about health, but don’t do.
  2. 9 Easy Ways to Get a Life
  3. The MEGA List of Personal Development Blogs
  4. 101 Ways to Strengthen Your Friendships
  5. Why Changing Up Your Routine is Healthy
  6. How to Give Great Hugs & Handshakes
  7. Learning to Create Creates Passion
  8. 11 Little Steps to Better Finances
  9. The Power in Letting Go
  10. Build a Monopoly Where You Are

So what do you think?

Which one/s are your favorite?

If you could name the title for a future Insight Writer post, what would it be?

I would appreciate any and all feedback! 😉


  1. BunnygotBlog says

    Hi Jeremy,

    You have a great list and I need to go to each one. I don’t know any of them yet.

    I really love it when there are features. It is a great way of sharing and showing gratitude.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Hey Jeremy…

    I’m plowing through the ones I haven’t read yet, but the one on changing up your routine is great stuff, nice work!
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  3. Hi Ross,

    Thanks for swinging by. Thank you for letting me know which one stood out for you. I appreciate it!


  4. Glad to hear that you are having success! An average of 100 visitors per day is really great! I am positive that it will continue to grow, because this blog has alot of awesome content, that I know alot of people will be hooked for more once they start reading =D

    Till then,


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  7. Very Glad to hear that you are having success!

  8. 100 visits a day 🙂 congratulation 🙂 it meant you gat thousand of pageview 🙂
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  10. Out of 10 i have read 7 articles my favorites, recent one 9 Easy Ways to Get a Life than 11 Little Steps to Better Finances and about building monopoly which is very necessary. These my favorites and useful to me.

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  12. Very Glad to hear that you are having success! …

  13. 100 views a day is great – keep up the good work