The Truth About Exercise & Weight Loss

I just read a great article that really cuts to the chase about Exercise & Weight Loss…

It is entitled, “I just started an exercise program – what should I expect?

Here are some points of note…

  1. Aerobic Exercise, by itself, does little for weight loss
  2. Strength training helps with weight loss by increasing your metabolism
  3. Results take time, and people tend not to stick with training programs for very long
  4. It takes longer for your joints and tendons to “get in shape” then your lungs
  5. An end goal of exercise should be increased skill which comes from increased neuromuscular connections
  6. Start slowly, and ramp up slowly to give yourself the best chance at enjoyment and the least risk of injury.
  7. Playing sports, or doing physical group activities is a much more fun way to accomplish your exercise and weight loss goals then doing mundane exercises in a gym or on a treadmill

I know I have been saying a lot of these things all along at Insight Writer, but it does help to hear them from someone else for confirmation.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Leave them below… And have a great day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

1 thought on “The Truth About Exercise & Weight Loss”

  1. I am actually going to start running again to get my cardio back to where it used to be in my high school days as I used to run track. And yeah thats what I am going to do… just going to start slowly running again. I got the whole routine figured out too, going to jog for 2 minutes then walk for three minutes for like 1 to 2 weeks, then slowly will increase my jogging to walking ratio until I am just jogging for the entire time. I have also made changes to my diet that I hope to keep.


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