Saturday Rap #2

So this is my attempt to include my site updates AND provide some great links of information I thought were worth sharing in a single post. I really hope not to do any site update posts by themselves anymore unless they are HUGE changes. So here we go…

So my Saturday Rap should actually be Saturday WRAP. Technically it is a wrap up of all my reading and research for the week. But this is my blog so I can name it what I want. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I got this idea after my post last week entitled, “Giving Thanks and Crediting People For Their Work.” In it I gave a few shout outs to some great blogs and articles I found that week. My Saturday Rap will continue in that tradition. If you have a GREAT article you wrote or even one you found in your own blog surfing then please send me the link. If I think it is worthy, I will add it to my next Saturday Rap.

First, the site update…

Do you know how HARD it is to find good personal health/fitness/nutrition blogs? Personal Finance and Personal Development Blogs are everywhere. Personal Health, not so much. That’s surprising to me. I think maybe the laws of the land make people a little scared to post health advice on the internet, but they can still be really helpful. And they should include disclaimers like personal finance sites. hmmm…

As you can see from my list of links on the right, they are organized into those 3 categories. Development, Finance, Health. Then I list blogs I love to read (mostly blogs about writing and design), and blogs that link here. (Note to bloggers: you link to me I link back.) Besides finding great reading here, I hope to direct you to some of the other amazingly great blogs out there. So check the link section out…

And here is the great stuff I found this week…

So I found this article about the world’s most unusual instruments at My personal favorite is the Sea Organ. Sweet Stuff.

Then I found this great article about doing crap vs. changing the world at The title says it all so go check it out.

In my mad search for health blogs I stumbled upon an article at called the Six Rules of Building Strength. If you lift weights at all it is pretty much necessary reading.

So this month is National Novel Writing Month. There is a website dedicated to it, and the general idea is to write a novel in 30 days. 175 pages and 50,000 words later you can say you wrote a novel in a month and have it submitted to the site. I might participate next year. I just found out about this and am not ready at all to do it. Especially since I am so focused on writing for YOU here on this blog. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I found an article at by Chris called How Can 10 Simple Articles Change Your Life? In it he talks about how beneficial it can be to start a blog. He talks about how you can build up equity that is worth something to you and your business. Knowledge is power, right?

Lastly, I found a GREAT article called The Single Fastest Thing You Can Do To Increase Trust. Yep, the title jumped out at me too. It’s not a secret, but its a great thing to think about and truly put into action right away. I can’t tell you how much this single piece of advice is worth. Hope you like it and USE it!

There you go. Send me some great links by Friday night so I can include them next week.

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