Progression Requires Being Debt Free

I would say that the #1 thing holding people back from the living the life they have always dreamed is themselves…

The #2 thing that holds them back is almost certainly their DEBT!

Last week I talked about how progression requires a certain letting go of the past

This week it is all about letting go of the need we feel to spend, spend, spend!

Let’s face facts here and confront the reality of the situation here. For anyone seriously wanting to be debt free you need to have this world view, this outlook on life that says, “I am a slave to my debt, I am an indentured servant to my creditor until my debt is repaid.”

It is a sickening feeling… I just watched the movie Maxed Out. It had some horror stories in it. Including stories about people who committed suicide because of their debt. (Hopefully none of my readers are there yourselves. I promise you debt is never so horrible to end your life over it.) Watching the movie might just make you sick to your stomach like it did for me, but you should force yourself to watch it.


Because emotions create motion, and that is the result we are after. The sooner you set yourself on a solid road to debt freedom, the sooner you can start progressing into a brighter future for yourself, and even for your friends and family.

Our government and the “powers that be” are highly responsible for the situation we are facing. Yet we also have our own personal responsibility. We must become aware of how things work, and be careful so we will not be ensnared by debt’s trap…

If you aren’t willing to click some of the links above or watch the movie please at least spend 10 minutes reading this article entitled… “I Want The Earth Plus 5%”

Reading this one article can potentially help you to progress farther in this area of life then you could have ever imagined. Please do it, not for my sake, but for your own…

2 thoughts on “Progression Requires Being Debt Free”

  1. I actually saw that movie Maxed Out, my professor in economics showed it to us after our Money and Banking class as a bonus to whoever wanted to stick around, I offcourse did and watched it, it was a really shocking movie in terms of how uneducated alot of people actually are about their financial’s. It was sad to hear about the suicides and my sympathy certainly goes out to the families but at the same time I felt that the parents didn’t do a good enough job of watching over their kid’s financials. Although it’s a bit of a “mean” judgment of mine… I thought it was kind of weak that the students would actually take out their own life over their debt. I mean that’s the first real world problem they’ve encountered.. and that’s their solution to it all? Man.. what would happen when worse troubles would of hit them eventually in life? I know that’s sort of a mean/rude perspective on it, but I think it’s reality.

    Hope more people become debt free though, debt is no fun, and most of the time only one person really wins.

    Till then,


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