Personal Finance Challenge #14: Reap The Rewards

Most of the time we humans tend to focus on what there is to lose more than we focus on what there is to gain. This concept has been proven multiple times in psychological studies.

However, if you know this bit of information, doesn’t it seem like you can overcome it?

Becoming a master of your finances does require some work, but the payoff is worth it.

Peace of mind when it comes to emergencies happening in your life…

Being able to rest easy with a full retirement fund…

Being able to buy those few things that mean the most to you…

Having the money to give to those in need…

Simply being in control of your financial destiny feels real good. And it is very hard to put a value on that feeling!

Do yourself a favor and reward yourself. You deserve it because you have earned it. You have taken the time to learn the principals of personal finance, and you have put them into action. With time things got easier, and you improved your financial situation 100 times over.

If you are not there yet, then just imagine yourself there. Let those thoughts motivate you toward success. Imagine all the rewards you will have if you put your financial house in order. If you start taking small steps now to improve your financial situation.

Then write them down. And think about them everyday. Now matter what else gets in your way you can rest assured that each and every day you are achieving your financial goals. You are overcoming the odds, and you are improving just a little bit each day.

In time all these financial practices will be second nature to you. Everything you have ever wanted will be yours. And you will find yourself giving back more than you ever expected. You will teach your loved ones how to be successful with their finances, and things will only get better from there.

This is our 14th challenge in The Personal Finance Challenge Series…

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