Personal Finance Challenge #8: Money Is NOT The Answer

Some people actually think money will solve all their problems.

Actually I think we are all guilty of that thought every now and then. The scary thing is when we actually believe it.

Don’t you wish you could win the lottery? Maybe just a million dollars? That should make everything all better right? Sad to say, it just isn’t true. You just have to do a little Google search to find all the horror stories of what happened to people after they won the lottery.

Money is not the answer to your problems. Better money management is. That only comes from getting your mind aligned with good financial ideas and practicing them.

Unfortunately most people don’t like to hear that. They want the easy way, right? That’s why its so easy to sell things to us if it is packaged well. We love to “buy” easy.

No, you can not “buy” your way out of problems. You have to solve them without money.

It is also important to get it in your head that more money comes with its own problems. You may not believe it now, but when you come into money, the problem becomes how to manage it well. For people who haven’t managed large sums of money before it becomes a near impossible task.

Learn to manage what you have better, and if more money comes to you, you will be able to manage it better. Fail to learn the lessons of money management and it will all fly away.

Again, more money is not the answer you seek. Learning to use your head is…

This is our 8th challenge in The Personal Finance Challenge Series…

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