Personal Finance Challenge #31: Procrastination Kills, or Kill Procrastination

It has been just over a month since we started the Personal Finance Challenge. Have you attempted to try just one of the physical or mental challenges?

Have you succeeded at completing a physical challenge like…

Breaking Big Goals Into Smaller Goals

This involves actually physically writing down all your financial goals and will become part of your overall gameplan. Don’t let procrastination kill this one!

Or have you succeeded in completing a mental challenge like…

Making “Money Is NOT The Answer” your theme song?

How you think will change your life. Both figuratively and literally. It will change your life! If this one thought has not changed your thought patterns and therefore your financial decisions then you have not completed this mental challenge. If you have let this idea sink into the core of your being then you have completed this mental challenge.

Again, don’t just read some of this stuff. Put it into application in your life. Complete the challenges and win the game of personal finance.

And yes this is a game you can win. It is a game that I believe anyone can figure out. Some will obviously play the game better then others, but that is why I am here. To be your coach, and to help you play the game better.

So don’t procrastinate anymore! Go back, choose just one challenge, and do it!

Consider this a challenge of challenges…

This is our 31th challenge in The Personal Finance Challenge Series…

3 thoughts on “Personal Finance Challenge #31: Procrastination Kills, or Kill Procrastination”

  1. I usually start two things at the same time. Then when I feel like procrastinating on one I work on the other. That way I get all my work done while I am procrastinating.

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