Personal Finance Challenge #18: Make a Plan

Nothing happens without a plan.

I would argue that ANY plan is better than NO plan, because at least something is happening.

Without a plan NOTHING tends to happen.

Here is a side analogy…

I can go to the gym with or without a plan. If I want to get bigger or stronger those are two different plans. And I follow each plan EXACTLY. When I do not follow those plans I either get no results, sub-standard results, or completely wrong results.

A plan starts AND ends with a goal or objective.

Getting rid of your debt and increasing your income are two TOTALLY different objectives and require two TOTALLY different game plans.

Here is how you make a plan.

First make your goal or objective as clear as day. Focus on it. Own.

DO NOT try to make a plan for multiple goals or objectives. You will ultimately fail.

Make one goal or objective your plan. Accomplish that first, then move onto another one.

No sense trying to pay off your house while you still have tons of credit card, vehicle, and student loan debt. Focus my friend.

Now take everything you have learned in personal finance to this point and write down a solid game plan.

What actions make sense? Which ones don’t make sense? What actions will give you the most bang for your buck? Write those in your plan.

Once you have a plan, put it EVERYWHERE. On your ceiling above your bed. On your bathroom mirror. On your car radio. On your tv. On your fridge. On your desk at work. On your computer screen.

Tell everyone. Place the idea in their heads. Then watch them be accountable to you. Watch them never let you forget your commitment to your financial goal.

Be Patient. All good things come to those who wait.

Track your progress. See the results on paper.

Celebrate! Cause you did it. Take the time to relish it. Feel the satisfaction. Sense the joy that comes from it.

When enough time has passed… And only you can determine how much is enough… make another plan you can celebrate accomplishing…

This works for everything in life, but REALLY works in your financial life… Learn it, live it, love it…

This is our 18th challenge in The Personal Finance Challenge Series…

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