Never, never, never give up! (Also an open invite to guest posts!)

You know you have a good thing going when you more or less take a break for a few months and come back to more subscribers. Last time I checked I had maybe 125-150 subscribers. Today’s count? 231 Subscribers!!!

Why did I decide to check this? Well I unfortunately had 3 people unsubscribe by email in one week. I thought that maybe it was time to check my numbers and low and behold I had more then last time.

Also, Jack the Web Design Dude, suggested I open things up to guest posters to add more content. Great minds think alike Jack because I was already thinking about it. (And not doing anything about it of course.) Do you want to be my first guest poster of the year?

All in all, things are going pretty well here. I averaged 79 visitors a day in the past week. Normally I hover around 50 per day. Guess all that hard work in the past is really paying off!

I say all that to say I am sorry. Sorry for letting my readers down. Sorry for being so lazy about this website. I also want to say now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to press ahead and keep going. Because I do believe I have a thing going here.

You know, my mom asks me all the time when my next post will be. (Hi mom!) She also says I don’t call enough, but thats another story.

The thing is I don’t write enough either. Writing helps us all to cut through and find clarity in a murky world. I know my writing helps me, and I know it helps you, the reader, as well. I am happy for all your feedback, both in the comments and by other means.

So here is me writing more, and inviting you all to do the same. Don’t be shy. Whether you have your own blog or not I would love for you to contribute here. You can comment here, or send me an email. Whatever works best for you. I have no strict requirements for a guest post. Just that it has to deal with some personal development issue. Which means you can write about anything in life!!!

So again, thank you all for sticking with me. And for all you first time visitors as well. You are most welcome here!


17 thoughts on “Never, never, never give up! (Also an open invite to guest posts!)”

  1. Glad to hear your subscribers have gone up. ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re right about writing helping us. I’ve always looked at it as a way of channeling my emotions during good and bad times and a way to put everything in perspective.

    Till then,


  2. Congrats on the increase in subscribers. That must have been a welcome surprise.

    With blogging it is true that the benefits usually come down the road. You can keep writing posts every day and doing gradual marketing, but it can still take a while for it all to snowball into a noticeable difference.

    It is only natural to eventually struggle to find motivation to keep writing. I’m sure in time you will get back into blogging though. Try setting some weekly or monthly goals. Maybe force yourself to write a certain number or posts. Or maybe make a real effort at increasing daily visitors or rss subscribers.

  3. There is nothing worse than lose hope and stop trying. Every man of success (who has no multimillionaire parents) need a lot of time and hard work to succeed, we all need to remember that.

  4. “Writing helps us all to cut through and find clarity in a murky world”….very well said. Finding clarity is that lifelong pursuit full of mysterious moments and daily epitaphs…..blessings, bro. Hope things are going well for ya out there!

  5. I feel your pain. I have my own Blog and try to update it twice per week. One thing I’ve learned is that you simply have to set a schedule and do your best to stick with it.

    Guest posting is an idea that I considered. Maybe, I’ll consider it again.

    Great Blog.

  6. Congratulations on reaching more subscribers! I would be open to doing a guest post for you. I write about personal development lifestyle.

    Feel free to email me for the Guest Blog Post:

    Have an awesome rest of the week!!!


  7. @Jeremy – I haven’t forgotten about you, and am going to take up the challenge of writing a guest post, something that I actually haven’t ever done. Content writing and all of that is different, especially considering that you’re never putting your “stuff” on display, so it is an interesting one for me indeed, and one I feel compelled to take up, yet nervous at the same time. Weird.

    1. Jack,

      Come on bud. Like the Nike slogan goes… “Just do it!” haha. I am glad you haven’t forgotten about me. Always glad to have guest posts going. And visitors! Makes the net a more personal place to be. Hope all is well!


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