The Magic Elixir: Water



Can you honestly say that there are much better things than drinking a glass of cool water on a hot summer day? Not me…

People underestimate the true genius of water… drastically.

Water is like superman. It saves lives.

To a certain degree it gives life. All living things need water. Plant and animal alike. It is the one common element.

Lack of clean water is a big concern these days. Over 1 billion people do not have adequate access to clean water. This creates an environment where disease can run rampant.

Water conservation is a big deal as well. As the world population grows access is clean water supplies will become and even bigger issue.

Recently there has been some discussion as to whether drinking more water can actually help increase your health. A doctor named Stanley Goldfarb became interested in the classic advice to drinks 8 cups (1/2 gallon or 2 liters) of water a day. He says that he researched the medical journals about it and had trouble finding anything conclusive. Whether this is a lack of research or a lack of effect is yet to be determined. (Please read the WebMD resource below for more info.)

With that being said, I think, and Dr. Goldfarb agrees, that it can’t hurt to drink more water, except in the most extreme of circumstances.

What’s the best advice I have gathered?

  1. Sip on a regular basis. Like eating less food more often seems to work for some people so does drinking less more often.
  2. The body is an amazing machine, but even small changes can effect it. If you are feeling tired, water is sometimes the cure.
  3. Follow your thirst mechanism. More water is beneficial to a point, but than its effect die off. Which is why sipping water makes sense.

With all that being said, I think it can only help to carry a water bottle and have it nearby. I would also recommend using water to replace much of the coffee, tea, and soda we drink. While it is not a miracle drug, water can be the answer to some of our health problems. It is something to experiment with and to discover what the optimal level of water intake is right for you.


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9 thoughts on “The Magic Elixir: Water”

  1. Nice words…we should link you to Fit to Blog everyone is talking about their lovely skin on water today!
    I find it easier to sip water all day from a measured glass so I know how much I have consumed and I wrote about how water and oxygen open the out door of a fat cell today on my blog.

    We are very excited here in our town about water (which is falling in the form of snow today – very unusual for our location)but because several athletes did a marathon two weeks ago – drank too much water and ended up in the emergency room with what folks thought was a heart attack.

    I also am having trouble with drinking water while I am swimming as I have to urgnetly get out of the pool to get to the lavatory, get too cold, and can’t finish my 36 laps for a mile….at about 28 laps I am overwhelmed by the need to go…as David Fowler calls it a “horses wee”….

    I am working so hard to not take the blood pressure medications (depressing) and to not be a diabetic ( 5 months ago at 118, 2 months ago down to 116 and this week down to 114 blood sugar levels – I am very pleased my Dr. is not impressed and wants to prescribe the meds) I am just losing weight so slowly…that is discouraging.

    I am lifting weights 2 hours a week (Body pump) Swimming a mile 3 times a week, Body Flow class 1 time per week and walking 3-5 miles 3 times a week at a brisk pace….Do Wii fit for 30 minutes in the middle of the afternoons 5 times a week.
    I had Ovarian Cancer in 1994 and my body has changed so much and I had to do menopause cold turkey/or 12-15 hot flashes a day until I had to change my clothing hot flashes…I am feeling so much better now, but feel like going on meds will be the beginning of the end for me…
    My father died at age 63 of massive cancer everywhere…I am turning 60 in 2009…My Mother died at 94 bone on bone…but I don’t think I take after her…much…
    So I am a bit frustrated this morning, and writing up a storm trying to think it through and garner some new approaches to success.
    Thanks for the good post…

    Patricia’s last blog post..Anatomy of a Fat Cell

  2. Excellent post about water and its significance. I gave up drinking soda a long time ago. I tried to drink one after not having one for so long and it made me really sick. It’s like drinking thick syrup after doing without for so long. Ick!

    Water is always my first choice but I love, love, love my herbal tea! Nettle leaf is my favorite, and so filled with benefits. I also love blends from loose leaf varieties I keep around.

    It’s a little scary to think about not having an abundant supply of clean water, eh?


    Michele’s last blog post..Help Naomi Dunford Fight Domestic Violence

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  4. @ Patricia – I am sorry to hear about that. I think that emphasizes even more the need to practice a healthy lifestyle.

    @ Michele – Africa is already suffering from a lack of clean water. It’s only a matter of time before it expands to other areas of the world. It may not affect us so much but it will effect our children’s future…


  5. Hi Jeremy, great post 🙂 The significance of water can never be overemphasised. When I was young, I used to drink coke as a staple. Like, really – I can end up drinking litres of coke everyday. I was totally addicted. It was somewhere along the lines when I was 16 or so that I consciously decided to give up coke/soda because of all the health scares I was hearing. It gradually became an effort to replace everything I drink with coke. The result? I feel my inner system is so much cleaner. My natural inclination to quence thirst now is just water all the way. Love the tip about bringing a water bottle and keeping it nearby; I will start doing that 😀

    Celes | EmbraceLiving.Net’s last blog post..8 Steps To Turn Your Perfectionist Alter-Ego Into Your Ally

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