How Health & Money Are Very Much Alike

Take a second to think about how you might answer this question…

“How are health and money alike?”

What is health? It is eating the right quantity and quality of food to support how active you are…

What is money? An object that is used to buy the quantity and quality of products that support your lifestyle…

Now how are they related?

You can improve your health by changing the quantity and quality of the food you eat and by changing how active your lifestyle is…

You can improve your money situation by changing the quantity and quality of products you buy and by changing the lifestyle you wish to lead…

Your health and money choices all lead up to what kind of lifestyle you choose to lead and what a “good life” means to you…

They go hand in hand in determining how happy you are and how far you will progress in this life.

As I have mentioned before money and health make up two of the three things that, along with personal development, you will help you to lead a good life. A life designed on your own terms.

Health and Money are very much alike because they are both defined in terms of incomes and outcomes. Quality and Quantity.

What you eat and how much you eat really affects your life. What amount of money you make and how you make it really affects you life too.

Likewise, what kind of exercises you do and how much you do them affect your life a lot. And what you spend your money on and how much you spend affects your life a lot too.

Having more control of your incomes and your outcomes in these two areas affects the quality and quantity of your life more than the average person can ever realize.

Currently I am very focused on talking about health, the incomes and outcomes associated with health, and how they affect your life.

When the New Year begins I will wrap up by discussion about health, and move into a larger discussion of personal finance, and how your relationship with money really affects you life.

For those that are following along I wanted to write this post to help you start thinking about how the two are related. How success in one area can help you to find success in the other area. How good health is the foundation for a good life, and how your relationship with money is a close second.

Thank you once again for reading and following along. As you take in what I am writing here, and start to implement it in your life, you will see some great changes, both big and small. Everyone has their struggles in different areas, but if you start to see how one area affects another, your progress in life will become exponential rather than simply additional.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or opinions, ideas for further writing, or things I might be missing out on in the comments below. They are always appreciated! 😉

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