Writing From the Soul

Have you ever had something or someone that really gave you reason for pause…? Reason to just stop and think, and rest in amazement…? More importantly, a reason to live your life better. I met someone today who did just that. His name is Dereck Coatney and he is the author of I Will Not Die. I have not met a single soul who is so willing to be open and honest about their life since I have started blogging. What makes him so different is that I think his story can really help people. It can help people by inspiring them to do better and to be better. This guy is driven!

I was going to wait till Saturday to introduce his blog in my Saturday Rap, but I figured it deserved a seperate post. The link to his website is to the right in my Personal Development Blogs List. So if you have to come back to visit his website later it will still be there.

So why am I so strongly promoting someone I just found out about today? I believe it is because he has a strong message that carries our above the hum drum of the web and the blogging world. I also believe in what he is saying. What he is saying has a lot of value. I have read quite a few posts, but I still have over 100 more to check out. I like what I am finding and I believe you will too…



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  1. Thank you so much for recommending this blog. As I was reading your post, I thought that if you had taken this much time to review the blog, that it must be worth checking out. You were right. I bookmarked the site, and I plan to check it out often. You also write some amazing posts, and I plan to return. Thanks for my daily dose of inspiration!

  2. Thanks so much Rebecca! I appreciate your kind words. You are right. I pretty much couldn’t resist giving a shout out because I thought it was really worth reading. Glad you like Dereck’s blog. And thank you for the compliment! You don’t know this but my whole goal was to give people a daily dose of inspiration. I was going to call it your Daily D.O.I. Maybe I still will… Thanks so much! See you again soon!


  3. What kind things you’ve said…

    I’m speechless…

    Dereck’s last blog post..When You are Your Own Enemy

  4. Hi Dereck,

    You are most welcome. I feel that part of my job as a blogger is to separate the grain from the chaff. You got a lot of great things to say my friend. I hope you continue.


  5. I don’t get the whole Nofollow thing – I mean, people want others to comment on their blog, giving them content, but they’re not prepared to give the commenter something in return. Seems a bit selfish to me

  6. How do I add this to my RSS reader? Sorry I’m a newbie 🙁