It’s time again for…

… my Saturday Rap. Where I share with you the best stuff I have found on the interwebs (<—not a typo) 😉 and give you a site update…

First, the cool stuff I have found…

Ok, last week was fun. I highlighted three of my favorite sites on the web. Maybe I will do a top ten someday, but today isn’t your lucky day.

I have been finding some good stuff though. Two weeks has given me a lot of material… why am I writing so much… let me just give them to you… 😉

  1. How to Live Artfully – Wow! Great article. I don’t know how to describe it except to say that I love it!
  2. The Two Career Assumption – The two career assumption is that both husband and wife will have a career. Trent over at the Simple Dollar put together a great piece challenging our assumptions. And we all know what assumptions do, right? 😉 I’ve heard this argued both ways, yet somehow Trent found a way to put a refreshing spin on it.
  3. Improve Your Life: Things I Learned from the Disney Movie Bolt – As we all know the internet has a lot of crap out there. And it has a lot of rehashed crap that is saying the same thing 50 other people said yesterday. Yet, occasionally you find something that is done well and is unique. This is such an article. It’s worth the read. 😉
  4. 7 Lessons from the Innovative 2008 Opening Ceremony Director – Again, this article has a unique approach to something I thoroughly enjoyed. The 2008 Olympics in China. I really love how Glen put this all together. Check it out!
  5. 28 Things the Health Experts Forgot About That REALLY Matter for Your Health – Long freakin’ title. Great unique perspective. Definitely food for thought.
  6. How to Make Lots of Money During a Recession – This is certainly food for thought. The title is only where Steve begins. The whole thrust of the article is about finding ways to provide real value to other people. It’s good good. 😉
  7. Dedicate Yourself to Life, Not Work – Ok, I have saved the best for last. Alex has become a friend of mine fairly quickly. We have some things we hope to work on in the near future, but I have to admit that I am fairly impressed with his blog. Its called Someday Syndrome. The idea is that we all say we are going to do things someday, but then never do. Alex is urging us all to make someday today. When people talk about fitting into a niche Alex has certainly settled into his and I think its one of the best sub-niches to be in in the personal development community. While my blog is fairly broad to fit into a sub-niche I must admit that I am trying to do the same thing as Alex. Get people to take action today! This article is one of the best. The 43 comments by themselves speak about how much conversation this post generated. That is wonderful for a fairly new, yet rapidly growing blog! How can such a short article generate so much conversation? I guess you got to read it to find out! 😉

The more I surf the pickier I get. So please send me your articles. But only send me your best and most unique stuff. I love reading them and I hope to maybe feature some of the things YOU send me.

Now, the site update…

Guess what? I blew my goal out of the water and now have 109 subscribers. Again, thank you all for reading! It’s just more confirmation that I am doing my job right and accomplishing my goal with this website.

And, I blew away another goal. I am now averaging 300 visitors a day. I had two big days. I had 723 people visit one day and 613 visit the next day. These are my two biggest days ever. My 9 Easy Ways to Get a Life really took off on Stumble Upon. It was one of my older posts that really wasn’t getting the exposure it deserved. So I asked a few of my SU friends to check it out and it has certainly proved to be a popular article.

I have a couple ideas for 2009 that I think you will enjoy. For the next two weeks posting will be fairly light here. Christmas and New Years are upon us and I will be spending a fair amount of time with family and friends. If I don’t get back to your comments that quickly please forgive me. I will return to my normal level of activity after the New Year.

Check back on Tuesday for a very special holiday article. I put a lot of thought into it and I hope you enjoy it and get a lot out of it. Thank you all for being a part of this blog!



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  1. Hi Jeremy! Congrats on burst of traffic!! All the hard work is paying off 😀 Definitely inspiring for new blog owners like me; I hope I hit that same traffic count very soon as well. Thanks for putting together the list of your favourites – I have already read Alex’s article previously and personally enjoyed it as well! Will check out the rest in a bit. Looking forward to hear more about the collaboration between you and Alex!

    Meanwhile, happy holidays! 🙂

    Celes | EmbraceLiving.Net’s last blog post..Two Important Things that Led to My Discovery of My Real Purpose

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