Sometimes it pays to be funny too…

So I just got a great email from my friend Lauren. Overall, this will tend to be a fairly serious site, but I do want to interject a bit of humor now and then. So here is what Lauren wrote me at the end of her email. Enjoy!

“Here are some friendly reminders:

1. dont drink and drive.

2. dont stick your tongue on a frozen pole.

3. and dont forget to pee down wind.”


2 thoughts on “Sometimes it pays to be funny too…”

  1. jeremy day. u funny guy. u crack me up. i cant believe that u put that up here. lol. maybe u should tattoo these words of wisdom on yourself somewhere so u dont forget it.

  2. With as serious as this blog will be I have to interject some humor every now and then to lighten the tone and provide humor for an otherwise humorless day. Wouldn’t you agree?

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