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My Saturday Rap. Where I give my site update along with my interesting finds on the net.

Ok, first my featured websites…

So my regular readers know that last week I said I am going to feature specific websites instead of just great articles I have found. Ive decided to limit it to three and it was a hard choice! I continue to meet and make friends with a lot of my fellow bloggers. I really do love the community of it all! Ill start with someone I found awhile back and go from there.

The Financial Philosopher

We all love blogs that are unique and have great content. I think Kent would agree with me that his blog isn’t for everyone. I think he also would agree that it should be. 😉

I believe Kent successfully combines financial concepts with philosophy concepts in an exceptional way. I love all of the above so reading his blog is sheer delight for me.

The way he does this is by flavoring all his financial articles with a generous helping of quotes from the many philosophers he is fond of. I am a big fan of quotes and somehow he always has a way of finding the most fitting one.

In a little over a week I will be posting a guest post by him and I am really excited to share it with you guys. In the mean time, please check out his blog. It’s well worth it! 😉

Dosh Dosh

Funny name. Great blog. His Twitter profile says, “Philosophy student. Anime Otaku. Concerned citizen of the world.” His blog is really unique. Notice the theme yet? 😉

But really, I once again know that Maki’s work won’t appeal to everyone. He writes mostly about internet marketing, blogging, and social media. His writing gets pretty deep sometimes. He has a very unique writing “voice”. His writing is very easy to read.

Although I am partial to the topics he talks about I still think his blog is worth checking out. I think it will help anyone see some of the future in terms of where the internet is headed…

Dumb Little Man

Once again, weird name, great site! I’ve been wanting to talk about this website for awhile. Somehow Jay has found a way to get everyone to create great content for his site by guest writing. Over 60,000 subscribers including myself believe its an excellent way to get your dose of personal development writing for the day.

He admits on his site that he got to the point where he just couldn’t keep writing quality content everyday. So he choose to open it up to guest posting instead of shutting it down. Seems to be a win-win-win situation to me.

Ok, I’ll admit I am a bit biased here. One of my favorite writers, Ali Hale, is a frequent contributor here. When I get my email from Dumb Little Man I read the title, read the article, thinks its great, and get to the end and find out who wrote it. Guess what? Nine times out of ten, its Ali who wrote the article that caught my attention. I haven’t told her that before, but I think she will find out soon enough…. 😉

There you go! Check them out. Share your thoughts in the comment section below…

On to the site update…

Wow, what a week! This week was personal finance & economics week. When I started it I had no idea how exciting or challenging it would be. I am used to writing about a variety of articles, and never imagined how forcing myself to write about one topic for a week would be so hard. But, I think it was well worth it and it helped improve my writing skills. Next week is health week so keep checking back to see how that one goes.

So I guest posted twice this week. Once at and once at Thank you Stephen and Eric for giving me the opportunity. It is much appreciated! You can find those guest posts in my guest post page. The link is on the top there. Go have a look see. 😉

Ok, you’re back. Good. Guess what? My blog just keeps growing. My first hurdle was 50 visitors a day, then 100, then 150, then 200. I am really close to the 200 average visitors per day mark. I guess once I pass that 250 per day will be the goal.

I also hit 88 subscribers yesterday! Oh, it’s so close to 100 I can taste it. Thank you all for subscribing! I truly appreciate it! My goal now is to be over 100 by the end of the year.

Don’t forget the Carnival of Personal Development hits on Monday. I think that’s about it for now. This is starting to be longer than my normal posts.

Have a great weekend!



7 thoughts on “This is a Shout Out”

  1. Thanks, Jeremy. I do not often write “guest posts,” but I considered it an honor and a priveledge to write for your blog, especially because of our similar themes and views with respect to knowledge and action.

    I have also noticed that your readers are “insight writers,” themselves, and look forward to a spirited discussion next week…

    “I write to keep from going mad from the contradictions I find among mankind – and to work some of those contradictions out for myself.” ~ Michel de Montaigne

  2. Hi Kent,

    You are most welcome. You know, I never thought about it but you are right. Most of my readers are insight writers themselves. And I like your quote at the end there. I am in agreement with it and that is what I practice as well.


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