Salad For Breakfast

Intriguing concept, no?

I first heard about this idea when someone talked about it on their blog (I forgot which one now?), and it sounded so good I just had to try it…

In fact, I wanted to write about it here at first, but then I thought I would give it a chance so I could speak from experience.

I did some more research and found out that this idea came from a book called Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. I thought he had a big section about food related topics and how they pertain to ultra marathoners. Instead I found out that it is a very small blurb in the book. I discovered this today through another blog post on salad for breakfast.

In any case, the book refers to how Chris went searching for advice on what is best for a runner to eat for breakfast. A doctor by the name of Dr. Ruth Heidrich told him that he should try salad for breakfast. It worked for him and as far as I know he is continuing to do it.

And it is working for a lot of different people including myself! I found a lot in my research on this subject and it seems to work for many different reasons.

  1. First off salad helps you to rehydrate after your night’s sleep. Any hydration beyond drinking water is a great thing to have.
  2. Loading up on vegetables with all their antioxidants and other nutrients is a great way to start the day too.
  3. For the most part your body is craving just enough carbs to get you to either lunch or your first snack of the day. Salad provides those needed carbs.
  4. Salad is a blank canvas where anything can be added…!

Many people commented about how they have added all kinds of things to their morning breakfast. Some like to add a hard boiled egg or some tuna. Some like to have some bread or toast to eat with it.

I personally make a salad with a spring greens mix or some other type of mix that can be bought at the store. You of course can also buy whole lettuce or greens as a base, but the bagged stuff doesn’t seem to cost too much more.

Then I add some extra spinach, some onions, carrots, possibly green peppers, cucumber, and whatever other vegetables happen to be around. I top it off with a hard boiled egg and/or some feta cheese. I throw some oil and vinegar on it and I am ready to go. Some people also recommend topping it off with some lemon juice.

What are the results?

I am feeling much better in the mornings and throughout the day. And I know I am helping myself get the necessary vitamins and minerals my body needs to function at peak capacity.

I also am not getting the same afternoon lulls I used to have. Come three in the afternoon I was often ready to doze off wherever I was, even when I was driving in a car!

A lot of these improvements came from changes in my eating habits because of the research I have been doing on the Paleo Diet. Salad for breakfast is just one of many. I also have a new lunch menu that I am following.

There is much more I will be writing about with regards to this topic and I am pretty excited to share it with everyone! I love the fact that I have made just a few simple changes to my diet and I have so much more energy for it! And I know it is working because when I cheat I pay the consequences for it too.

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