How to Relax After Work

We all have had this problem at one time or another. We come home from a long day at work and just can’t seem to relax. Either we are stressed out about something, have too much to do at home, or have way too many thoughts on our mind. Whatever the case, not being able to relax at the end of a day and chill out can have drastically negative effects on our health.

I am guilty of this. My past businesses and jobs didn’t help either. I have worked shift work till pretty late at night. I used to run a business where I called people in the evenings to set up appointments. And I have tended to accept a lot of responsibility at work which keeps me awake with the amount of planning I need to do and what the next day or week will bring.

Eventually you have to say enough and just give it a rest. Here are a few tips of mine to help you relax more at the end of the day…

  1. Remind yourself that your work isn’t going anywhere, it will be there waiting for you tomorrow just like it was when you left.
  2. Take off your work clothes immediately after getting home. This will help you feel more comfortable and at ease.
  3. Take a 5-10 minute time out when you get home and just rest. This will help set the tone for the rest of the evening.
  4. Drink something. Water is your best choice. Some soothing tea is a great second choice. A cup of wine or other “nightcap” works for some people, but its best to drink in moderation.
  5. Exercise. For some people exercise helps them take out the frustrations of the day.
  6. Take your mind off things. Go do something fun. Something different. Go to the park or watch a movie.
  7. Read a good book. Although this could fit into #6 I personally think that books have there own special way of relaxing people.
  8. Reconnect with your spouse, friend, or family member. Its good for some people to have a moment of “debriefing” at the end of the day. Sometimes its hard to stop thinking about work until you have talked out the events of the day.
  9. Plan your dinner ahead of time. This can be HUGE for some people. I know I can feel frustrated when I have to get home and still “figure out” what I am going to do for dinner.
  10. Finally, just take some time to think about how great it is to be home and how you are about to have a wonderful relaxing evening. Sometimes even just thinking about it will put you right into relaxation mode. πŸ˜‰

I hope some of these tips work for you. Let me know what tips you have about relaxing after work. I would love to see what has worked for some other people…

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  1. These are all great tips, Jeremy! Another neat tip is lavender essential oil. You can add a few drops to a spray bottle and spray it around the room, add a few drops to a bath and enjoy a relaxing soak, or dab a little on your finger and rub it into your temples, or take the lid off and breathe in the scent–any of these are soooooooooo relaxing! And, a small bottle of essential oil lasts forever, so it’s a great investment. πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve only ever had one job that affected me after hours. I was managing a busy cafe, and had so much running through my head that I would regularly dream about what I had to do. I couldn’t escape! Now I have an office job which is great – as soon as something pops into my head I write it down. Work definitely doesnt follow me home anymore!
    Also remembering that the world won’t end if you take a break is crucial. Remembering that noone is indispensable can help me to relax.

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  3. aah, i should add: the journey home can be a great time to decompress and reflect on the day gone. also, since I catch the train, I can plan the next day.
    Rescue remedy works wonders too.

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  4. Great tips, Jeremy! I believe it is important to find times to relax during the day, rather than waiting to get home. Step away from the desk and take a stroll down a hallway or outside of the building. Even a few minutes helps. Being introverted and a thinker, I like having a “safe place” in my mind that I can go to when things are getting hectic.

    Also, before I started my own business, I had one particular place on the way home that I would “leave work behind.” Once I was driving past that mark, I would begin the transition into relaxation. Eventually, even the sight of the particular mark would evoke a relaxed mood.

  5. Hi Jeremy
    Using the commute home as a decompression phase often helps to make the transition easier. Choosing music that suits your needs in the moment – to re-energize, to uplift, to let go – is a great way to make the shift from work to home.

  6. Hi Jeremy,

    I agree with Michele’s point on lavendar oil. It works wonders. I find I’m on my computer till far too late (like now) then jump straight to bed. I’m more relaxed when I leave a 30 minute buffer with no computer, just to read or think or relax.

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  7. I’m glad you didn’t say watch TV. If I’m feeling really wired then I concentrate on a candle flame for about 10 mins which really chills me out. I’m also a big fan of a quick shower.

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  8. Good points Jeremy.

    I work from home and usually exercise after work.
    Cooking relaxes me also.

    When I am not reading blogs,I write.This is great therapy for me.

    I have been dabbling with learning the different filters and tools in design.Makes it nice to be able to converse with my guy after he is finished up with his day.

    I’m a tea and water drinker.If we have a glass of red wine in the evening it is an hour before bed.

    As far as the lavender oil,Michelle mentioned this is so true. I have an electric potpourri that uses water and a few drops of essence oil.I have been using a Lavender/vanilla.

    I buy fresh lavender when I can.Tie it in a ribbon and hang it upside down in rows over the curtain rods in our bedroom.When it drys you can make potpourri.


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