Personal Finance Challenge #52: Put It All Together

Well this is it. The finale of the Personal Finance Challenge. Where you (and me) put it all together.

You know, I thought it would be tough reaching this point. I thought it would be easy to exhaust the topic of personal finance in less than 52 posts. Apparently I was mistaken…

Even now I have a few more posts on my mind with titles such as…

Invest in Yourself

Teach Others What You Know

Repeat For Long Term Success

Increase Your Capacity

Decrease Your Demands

And you know, I think all those titles will be written shortly…

The key for me is to organize all my thoughts so they make sense. So I can put them in a book for everyone to read, and pass the knowledge and hard earned wisdom on. (Oh, that’s another good post… “How to Learn From Other People’s Mistakes.”)

I am constantly learning how to improve, not only my financial situation, but my life in general. It takes a lot of reading, a lot of writing, a lot of observation, exploration, and perseverance. And finally it takes practicing what I learn, and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Then doing the things that work over and over again until they form good lifelong habits.

Now the real work begins for both of us….

For you, you get to start challenging yourself to complete each of these 52 challenges if you haven’t started to already. See what works, and use it over and over again until you form a wonderful habit that will pay you dividends well into the future.

As for me, I need to make all this raw writing into something more powerful. First it needs whittled down into the essentials. Take away the unnecessary and beef up the essential. Make everything more concise, more to the point, more practical, more life changing!

Then I need to edit and organize it all into a nice neat package with a bow on top called a book. I can only hope that my work here will help people change their lives for the better. That people will take these challenges to heart and practice them for all they are worth.

It is hard to make the distinction of what comes first. Proper thoughts about personal finance, or proper action. I think they go hand in hand and can strengthen one another. And one without out the other is hardly possible. That is why I have to emphasize again that the majority of the challenges deal with how you think about money, and the rest are how you practice using your money. When they both work together amazing things do happen.

So I wish you luck in putting this all together, in mind, soul, and body. And I hope you are wishing me the same luck in putting this all together into a great book. I wish you the best!


This is our 52nd and final challenge in The Personal Finance Challenge Series…

Although there will be plenty more blog posts on the topic of personal finance, this series has sadly come to an end. The final product will be a book that will include most of the material here, as well as some additional material. I do hope you will purchase the book if you got a lot out of this series. Thank you!

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