Personal Finance Challenge #4: Use Your Money More Efficiently

Using your money more efficiently simply means “getting more bang for your buck”. It was inspired by a previous post of mine called On Being Frugal: The Joys of PB&J.

In that post I throw out a few ideas on being frugal…

Saving 10% of your income…

Walking or biking instead of driving…

Working on making your home more energy efficient…

Saving money by eating at home more often…

There are so many great ideas about making your money go further that I think we often don’t know where to start. So maybe the key is in narrowing your focus on one area.

Let’s take your home for example. What things can you do to be more “money efficient” in your own home? Where do you see “money waste” happening? And how can you remedy the situation.

So start there. Do your research. Then WRITE it all down and title it, “Ways I Can Be More Money Efficient at Home”

Give yourself a good month to work on saving money in your home, then move onto another area such as saving money with your car. Hopefully you keep the habits you developed saving money on your home. 😉

Just keep moving around the different areas of your life, look at your current habits in spending, and see how you can spend your money more efficiently.

Within a year’s time you won’t believe how much of a difference it can make!

This is our 4th challenge in The Personal Finance Challenge Series

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