Personal Finance Challenge #39: Find A Coach

Even the best athletes in the world still need a coach. If achieving your goals through wise use of your money is important to you, then perhaps you should consider finding a coach as well.

A coach is someone who helps me do the things I know I need to do, but for some reason, don’t have the motivation to do them.

Think about it. If you have ever played sports then you know the role of a coach.

Especially as you move up in a sport a coach is there less to teach you, and more to make sure you do what is required to win.

You know this stuff. Now it is time to put it into practice. Now is the time to become good at it. Now is the time to really make it a part of who you are. A coach helps you accomplish just that.

They push you to be your best.

Sometimes we think we can accomplish things all by ourselves. Many times we can. Yet most of the time we are better off enlisting help.

Don’t let a poor coach tell you to do things you know aren’t right for you. But do let a good coach tell you to do the things you know are good to do.

It really is simple. But it’s not easy…

This is our 39th challenge in The Personal Finance Challenge Series…

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