Personal Finance Challenge #24: Don’t Believe It

There are a lot of debates in the Personal Finance world.

Buying a house is better than renting, or renting is better than buying.

Cut up your credit cards and never use them again, or use your credit cards wisely and win cash back, free flights, and other prizes.

Buying a used car is best. Buying a new car is best. Leasing a car is best.

There are many eternal debates within the personal finance world. It is worth researching the details of each one, especially if they apply directly to what is going on in your life. But…

Once you go far enough you still have to make your own decision.

Don’t believe anyone that says this is the final answer on the subject. The more debated the topic, the more subjective it is, and the best answer for you will depend on your own individual situation.

So take things with a grain of salt as they say. Not everything you read in the personal finance world will be the final say in your life..

This is our 24th challenge in The Personal Finance Challenge Series…