Out of Commision

This is my Saturday Rap where I give site updates and provide you with the best links on the net I found for the week.

First, the update…

Ok, I have a confession to make. I had a bunch of great writing ideas lined up for this week. And a great idea for a April Fools Day post, but I didn’t do them. Why? Because my best friend decided to buy World of Warcraft and so I just had to as well. And it has sucked me in.

There is a personal development lesson in here I promise…

First, when it comes to blogging I should have written my posts way ahead of time instead of the day of. All the best bloggers practice this and recommend it. I had the idea for an April Fools Day post for at least a few months. While I do plan on waiting another year to post it I should have had it written up before had.

Don’t you just hate the word “should”? Oh, but maybe that is a discussion for another time…

See the thing is I love role playing games. I love leveling up. I love practicing things. And once I latch on to something I pursue it whole heartedly. I’m a pretty intense guy. You could say I am more or less all or nothing…

We could argue whether that is a good thing or not, but the key is I know how I get. By “knowing myself” I have more control over my decisions and in my life in general.

I consciously choose to buy and play the game. I also consciously choose to use most of my free time to play it. And I consciously choose to not take the time I needed to sit down and write blog posts.

I’ve even gone on a email deleting spree. Normally I will carefully go through my emails to pick out the good ones from the bad ones. Now to save time I hit the all button and uncheck only a few I REALLY want to keep and delete the rest. This deletes at least half the emails I would normally read but I am ok with that…

I also have spent at lot less time reading articles this week. I normally read somewhere around 50 articles a week. I think I might have maybe reached 10 this week.

I say all that to say that I find pleasure in the game. I have met some cool people online who I play with. One happens to be a mom who has to get offline to pick up her kids from school. Another guy is an older gentleman who is a self proclaimed video game collector who helps supply me with copper to do my blacksmithing.

You might laugh at this and to a certain degree I laugh at myself, but its fun and I don’t mind “wasting” my time doing it.

For me, it’s funny to see such generosity in an online world yet a lack of it in the real world. It’s funny to see such camaraderie in an online world yet a lack of it in the real world. It’s funny to see such honesty in an online world yet a lack of it in the real world.

Or maybe it’s sad to you… I don’t know…

What I do know is that there are a lot of personal development lessons to be learned. Such as devotion to one thing. Not taking our lives so seriously. Learning to be more generous, and honest, and friendly in the real world.

Hey, we have nothing to lose right? We come into this world with nothing and we will leave with nothing. We should keep that perspective close at hand…

Now, a single link…

I will admit I have some wanderlust. Yet, in the real world I haven’t traveled as much as I would like. In World of Warcraft it is fun traveling everywhere and exploring new places.

My aunt once asked me when I was a teenager what I would be or do if I could so anything and nothing else mattered. I told her I would be a professional explorer and that is true to this day…

Here is a great link over at lifehack that looks at being a perpetual traveler vs. a world citizen. It’s interesting to think about…

Would You Be a Perpetual Traveler or a World Citizen?

I hope you guys enjoy me writing about things a little more personal. I will say that I am looking for a few encouraging words in the comment section to know whether I should keep this up…

Have a great day!



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  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for the link. I hadn’t thought of the difference between a perpetual traveller and a world citizen before, and think I’d rather be the former.

    As for getting personal with your blog, I’m starting to realise that blogs that work are either very personal (a la Steve Pavlina) or very specialised (a la Daily Blog Tips). I’m thinking about where to take my blog based on this as well, as I’m not prepared to bare all, so I have to find a specialised niche!

    Daphne @ Joyful Days’s last blog post..Book Review: Flying By the Seat of My Soul

  2. There is no harm in taking a break sometimes. I also look forward to the way you have enjoyed this time. Infact I was feeling good while reading your article. Such breaks are always welcome atleast for me.

    Mystic Madness’s last blog post..Quarterly Planning for New Blogger

  3. Jeremy,

    We really are alike. This is very ENTP of you, and I don’t think it’s wrong at all as long as it’s a conscious decision. Good luck to you, and I think it’s awesome that you’re following your heart.