Going through a lull…

This is my Saturday Rap where I give you site updates and share with you some of the best links I have found this week…

First, the update…

If you have been around Insight Writer for any length of time you know that I used to post on a near daily basis. For the past couple of weeks my posting has slowed to 2, maybe 3 posts a week.

First, I want you to know that I do eventually plan to post more. Work has picked up a lot for me, and I find myself wanting to spend more of my free time around my friends, and reading a great deal more.

I do not have a lack of ideas to post, just a lack of desire to sit down and write them daily.

With the way work is going I see myself writing a lot more come May. The next two months will prove to be fairly busy in terms of my work life (working longer hours than I have previously).

With all that being said I would like to open it up once more, to you my readers, about what you would like to see written here. I know I talk about a lot of subjects, but I want to write about a select few in the coming months. I’m leaning toward talking more about economic and career issues. But I welcome your input…

Now, the links…

Or should I say just one link? This is a very brief article that was written at Lifehack, but it helps me describe a little bit more what Insight Writer is all about. Please enjoy…

How to Cultivate an “Insight Outlook”

2 thoughts on “Going through a lull…”

  1. Hello Jeremy,

    I find if you have something that interests you then write about it.I don’t like sticking to one thing always because there are so many blogs that do.
    Writing about something you feel passion about shines through in your writing.

    People love drama- encouragement and personal experience.They want to hear the dark side or controversy in life.

    I suggest you follow your heart and express yourself without limitations.


    Bunny got Blog’s last blog post..The Forgotten Scientist: Nikola Tesla

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