Living Sustainably on the Earth

This is my Saturday Rap where I give you site updates and the best links of the week.

First, the update…

Still not a whole lot to update. I have been trying to decide n two things. A posting schedule and the subjects I want to talk about.

As much as I love economics I am starting to tire of it. All the data points to a recovery in 2011. Political actions by our government and consumer confidence will delay or extend the recovery. People will believe what they want to believe and that in itself may become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I think the only guarantee for the future is that it will look different than the past 20-30 years have looked.

There have been a lot of references to the different generations around the blogosphere lately. It is interesting to see how people view the effects of the different generations. By generations I mean Baby Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y, etc… I think it’s a fair bet that you will see me write at least one piece on this. For those that are curious I fall on the cusp of Gen X and Gen Y.

Lastly, and getting to today’s links, I have seen a lot of talking about getting back to the basics. Getting back to talking about the health of the Earth and sustainability. There seems to be a rising concern to be more frugal and use our resources more wisely. If anything, this recession should hopefully make us realize that we can’t consume endlessly and that we need to look more toward sustainable practices…

Now, the links…

  1. Goodbye farmer’s markets… – I love farmer’s markets! Now that I live in the city they are a rare treat. Last year I had some of the best tasting plums and peaches I have ever tasted from a farmer’s market. Local produce is ALWAYS more flavorful than store bought produce. And that is why this article is a bit disturbing. Please read it.
  2. Some Thoughts on the Return to Traditional Skills. – JD makes a good point. It’s not all that long ago that most people did certain things for themselves. Like change their own oil, fix things around the house, sewing, cooking, canning, and all those other skills we know our grandparents possessed. I may get in trouble for this, but I am saddened by how few women my age (in their 20’s & early 30’s) know how to cook. By cook I mean do more than cook pasta or follow directions on a pre-packaged dinner box. Lately, I have been enjoying some nice home cooked meals with my circle of friends, and I think it is one of the best experiences you can have.
  3. Steps Toward a More Sustainable Life of Less. – If the first two articles don’t get you thinking this one certainly will. Leo really lays it out nice and clear. His main emphasis is around walking and he asks why we don’t do it more. Why don’t we design cities to be walked in rather than driven around? Good food for thought…

Until next time… Have a great weekend!!!



2 thoughts on “Living Sustainably on the Earth”

  1. I am seeing more and more of a back to basics lifestyle and jobs that go along with them. Just last week a news story came on the TV about alpacas and how the wool from them is having an increased demand in the market place. I am also seeing an increase in daily visitors to my own blog. It must be a sign of the times.

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  2. I love this topic, Jeremy! I’m so hoping the farmers markets stay around for a long time–I love supporting them! There’s nothing like buying fresh fruits and veggies and other homemade goodies from local vendors. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And, as far as sustainability goes, that’s just the life I’m going for on this Amish farm. LOL


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