How To Prioritize Your Goals

So you have set a goal for yourself and you are seeing little to no progress on it. The days are flying by and you are thinking to yourself,… “Why am I not seeing progress here?”

One answer may be that you don’t have the ways or means to accomplish your goal just yet. You are working on it and not seeing results because maybe the action steps you are taking aren’t the best ones to really achieve your goal.

In which case, you need to possibly rethink the work you are doing, the action steps you are taking, and do things that are more conducive to achieving your goal.

I know some of you fit into that category and you just need to do your research and find out what the “best practices” are for what you are trying to achieve. My hope for Insight Writer is to continually add these best practices for various things. Great “how-to” articles like, “How to Make Powerful Connections With People.

This article is more of a “why to” article then a “how to” article even though it’s labeled that way.

You see, without some sort of inner motivation that is strong enough to push you, you simply won’t prioritize your goals where they need to be.

So why do you need to prioritize your goals higher? Because if you don’t, they probably will remain goals forever.

I have a confession to make….

Exercising more is one of my priorities that I am slacking in. My excuse is that it is winter time and I like to exercise outside.

For me, my excuse is almost laughable. I have access to a gym, a 30 pound kettlebell, a yoga mat and videos, and the ability to just do bodyweight exercises.

Guess what? For me, exercising may be a priority, but it is down the list of priorities at this current time.

This is one reason why I am entering at least two competitions this summer. A 10k called the Bolder Boulder and an obstacle course event called The Tough Mudder.

These events give me something to work toward. They are two very visible goals for me and I know what it will take to prepare for them.

Maybe your current goal is set at a priority level that I have exercising at. In my case, exercising more was just too generic of a goal to make it really count. Maybe your goal is too generic too.

Goals need to be more concrete. More measurable. More sustainable for lack of a better word. They have to make you want to go the distance.

Link up your generic goal with that you really want!

Is it losing weight? Getting stronger? Getting faster? Adding more muscle?

Measure your weight. Measure your bodyfat content. Is it a certain look in the mirror you are going for? How about fitting into those pants again?

At least in the health world, this is a big goal for people, yet people give up because what they were doing wasn’t working for them.

This goes back to what I said in the beginning. That we need to do the work of finding the best practices in our field of endeavor so that we can see the best results.

The take away point here folks is that without a very visible, measurable, sustainable goal to keep our eye on…

We will simply lose hope and start getting distracted and looking at other things…

The goal we so desperately want to achieve becomes not so desperate for us anymore and we go back to our same old routine and any results we did achieve disappear. They simply weren’t sustainable.

Keep your eye on the prize my friends!

And I will do my best here at Insight Writer to find those best practices for you. Write them down in a clear and concise manner. And do my best to be a teacher and a coach for everything you want to achieve!!!

3 thoughts on “How To Prioritize Your Goals”

  1. I think you hit it about measuring progress. For my current goal, I have a 12-month calendar printed out on my wall. Each day I spend at least 5 minutes working towards my goals, I put a big red “X” over it in the calendar. Once you start seeing red X’s pile up, you don’t want to beak the streak.

    Action items are key. Each month, I have a list of 20 or so action items that if I execute them, I am making progress towards my goal. As I execute each one, I cross it off (this list too is hanging on my wall).

    It’s inspiring to visually see the progress you’re making and to know that you ARE in fact moving in the direction of your goal.

    1. Hi Louis,

      Thats is an awesome technique that I am sure would work well for anyone! Thank you so much for mentioning it! Goals are meant to be broken down and worked on every day. doing your action items and tracking them on paper, in one way or another, can give big results. Do you have any examples?


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