How Not Eating Grains Can Save Your Life

Every day that goes by I get more and more interested in The Paleo Diet.

Tim Ferriss finally posted something about it on his blog.

Well actually Tim wrote 3 short paragraphs and let Robb Wolf, the founder and writer of The Paleo Solution, say the rest.

I already read this information that Robb wrote previous to reading it on Tim’s blog, but whats great is that Tim can bring a lot of discussion to the topic. (710 comments at last count).

Without giving it all away I just have to talk about the strongest point and case for this diet…

Robb states clearly and scientifically that a grain based diet can damage the walls of the intestines, thus wrecking all kinds of havoc on the body.

When the intestinal track is damaged your body starts to develop various sorts of autoimmunity to things.

How can staying away from grains save your life?

Not eating grains will help prevent you from getting an awful autoimmune disease and may prevent cancer as well.

This is worth looking into… and Tim has a great title for his blog post…

How To Keep Feces Out of Your Bloodstream (Or Lose 10 pounds in 14 days)…

3 thoughts on “How Not Eating Grains Can Save Your Life”

  1. In Vilhjalmur Stefansson’s book _Cancer Disease of Civilization_ 1960; Hill and Wang, New York, NY, it points out that Stanislaw Tanchou “….gave the first formula for predicting cancer risk. It was based on grain consumption and was found to accurately calculate cancer rates in major European cities. The more grain consumed, the greater the rate of cancer.” Tanchou’s paper was delivered to the Paris Medical Society in 1843. He also postulated that cancer would likewise never be found in hunter-gatherer populations. This began a search among the populations of hunter-gatherers known to missionary doctors and explorers. This search continued until WWII when the last wild humans were “civilized” in the Arctic and Australia. No cases of cancer were ever found within these populations, although after they adopted the diet of civilization, it became common.

    There is another thing you can do to reduce cancer risk. That is get your Vitamin D levels up to 50-100. Unless your job has you working outside in the sun every day with your shirt off, you will be deficient. To start I suggest supplementing with 4,000 units/day of D3. And with every checkup blood test have your D level measured.

    1. Hi Don,

      Thank you so much for this comment! I’ve been doing tons of research on this and that is another great piece of information that I didn’t know. However, its one of those pieces of information that just makes me ask more questions.

      So far I have been following a more Paleo based diet (not 100% yet but close), and I can say that i notice the difference in my overall energy levels. I’ll be writing more articles about my experience with this diet as time goes on so stay in touch!


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