How much is your overall health worth?

Here is an interesting question for you…

How much is your overall health worth?

This question came up over a discussion about the value of a multivitamin. Yet, I think this could apply to any mix of supplements including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, fiber, or any other supplement you can think of.

How much is our health really worth?

We are talking about preventive medicine here. Dietary supplements are a multi-billion dollar industry and yet some people won’t spend a dollar a month to do something to improve their health.

The thing is that we don’t see the effects of preventive health. We can’t be totally sure the multivitamin or supplements are working. They may prevent cancer down the road. Studies have shown that. But for ourselves, it may seem like spending money that has no real effect. At least any immediate effect.

So what about you?

How much do you believe your overall health is worth?

I have setup a poll below to find out.

A cheap bottle of multivitamins may cost you less than $10 for a month’s supply. A combination of dietary supplements may run you $100’s of dollars a month.

Where do you fit in?

In answering the poll think about what you currently spend on dietary supplements. Does that work for you?

After reading this article and thinking about it, do you think you would spend more or less than what you are currently spending?

Let us know your thoughts!

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6 thoughts on “How much is your overall health worth?”

  1. You bring up a larger but related point: How much does money cost? The price we pay for money is often our health, or overall well-being.

    Speaking of preventative medicine, reducing stress is one of the top preventative health measures.

    Perhaps you might get to the core of your readers feelings by asking this question: If you were assured of a long and happy life, would you be willing to give up any chance of obtaining material wealth?

    “Money often costs too much.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    “Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy.” ~ Lao Tzu

    Kent @ The Financial Philosopher’s last blog post..Are Financial Plans Illusions?

  2. To me my health can’t have a price. You know what I have been through for my health so I guess I would do anything to keep myself healthy.

    Jenn’s last blog post..Respect

  3. okay it submitted before I was finished LOL…

    ..I think people think their health is priceless, but wouldn’t go to the extent that it takes to keep themselves healthy and prevent themselves from getting sick. I guess I am a little more bias on the whole health/cancer..

    Jenn’s last blog post..Respect

  4. Hi dear Jeremy, Without our health we can drag through life, we can even eventually die. For me, my health is everything; it IS Life. Just on a practical note, if we are filled with good health we are filled with vitality, creativity, dreams, the energy to live our dreams, the energy to reach out and help and love others. Like Jenn, I would do ANYTHING (and do) to keep myself healthy. I know what’s it like to not have my health. But I also understand that losing one’s health may not seem real for people who have never come close to “the edge”. So when they do things that are hard on their health like drinking, bad eating habits, no exercise, smoking, etc, etc, they can daily say to themselves, “Ah, one more day of smoking, eating bad or whatever won’t kill me.” Which may be true, but slowly one day drags into the next until a whole year or two or three or 10 goes by and they finally get really sick or the body breaks down from abuse. I believe that being healthy is our natural state of being. We are in a state of dis-ease when we are ill. I send great courage to all the people desirous of good health, all the people who are trying to bring positive change into their lives. I would say to them to find as much positive support as possible until they form a new and healthy habit.

    You are a blessing Jeremy, so sincere.
    Hugs, Robin

    Robin Easton’s last blog post..Know someone like this?

  5. Well we are the most overworked, and under-slept country in the world… beating out our rival country Japan. It’s work work work, produce produce produce… at some point, the line has to be drawn. You’re working for a better life … take care of yourself so you can live it.

    Till then,


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