Group Writing Project: Creating Value

This is my Saturday Rap where I post news about my website and bring you the best links on the web.

But today I have only one link and an idea for the blogging community that I would love for everyone to participate in.

The link is Hunter Nuttall’s post “What the Hell is Value?” It is more or less based off Steve Pavlina’s article about value.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how we can become a more value driven society rather than a profit driven society. Education, and work, and everything I have talked about, and everything I will talk about, has some relation to adding value to society.

So I have been thinking about doing a group writing project on this topic. If you are interested here are the steps to participate.

  1. Write an intial blog post about how you are planning to participate in a group writing project on how we can bring more value to our communities and invite fellow bloggers to participate.
  2. Write a post that deals with the topic of value. Feel free to discuss any subtopic that makes sense.
  3. We will all post our articles on or before February 1st.
  4. After I have found all the posts I will gather all the links and make one big post that has all the links to the various articles on value.

If you plan on participating please just leave a quick comment so I can be on the lookout for your post and I can add it to the final list.

I am excited to do this project! I thank you all in advance for participating!



37 thoughts on “Group Writing Project: Creating Value”

  1. Hi Jeremy. I’d love to participate. In fact I was just working on my next article for Thursday of next week, and it just so happens that the word Value is in the title. Do I have to wait until the 1st to post this though?

    Davina’s last blog post..Self Help Me

  2. Hi Jeremy. We’re in. I’ve had a series tee’d up in my idea notebook on the subject of Value and what we do with the concept in our brains, and mapping it took me all over the place. I need to rein in and this project will do it. Thanks.

    Betsy Wuebker’s last blog post..CATCHING UP

  3. Hi All,

    Thanks for participating! Its cool to see a couple people were already thinking about writing about value! And at Davina’s request I changed the rule so that the post could be on OR before February 1st. February 1st is a Sunday so I hope to have all the articles gathered and posted by Tuesday or Wednesday. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!


  4. Hi Jeremy,

    I’ve previously written an article that talks quite a fair bit about creating value, but the main topic of the article is about ‘increasing your income’. Creating value is big part of it though. The whole article is about 3000 words and the ‘creating value’ part comes up to about 900+ words. Is it acceptable?

    You can take a peep here:



    Mark-Foo dot Com’s last blog post..T. Harv Eker’s Top 8 Tips For Reshaping Your Financial Health

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  6. Hi Jeremy. Yayyy, I’m glad you changed the “rule”. Let the momentum build. This is a great idea… so many people focusing on Value at the same time. Cheers.

    Davina’s last blog post..Self Help Me

  7. @ Mark – I would love for you to write another article actually that simply concentrates on value. Needless to say I think a few people will still read your current article from the comments.

    @ Hunter – You’re the one who got me started in this so you better be in! ha! Good to have you! 😉

    @ Jonathan – Does this mean you are in too?

    @ Davina – You are welcome. I am to see you excited about this as I am too!

    @ Trey – Hey, always glad to see a new face! Thanks for participating. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I’ll be visiting your site a little more too!


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  16. Thank you all for participating. I am going to hold out a little longer so people can still finish their articles. I want to post them all at the same time instead of adding them later. If by chance you still have an article about value to post after I post it then it can still be added later if you notify me by trackback or email. 😉


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