The Desperate Need for Focus

The power of Focus. Too many times we become powerless because we lose our focus.

I started this blog a week ago and I feel like I have already lost some of the orginal focus I had for this site. I knew from the beginning that I would have to fight the urge to write about too much stuff.

Thus far, everyone has seemed to get the most out of my blog post on How to find the best and most valued news on the internet… I think I want to keep with that theme for this website. Always bringing you the best news that you can actually use in your life. I also still want to keep with the theme of having a take away point. Some point about the story that you can really apply and use to improve your life.

To a certain degree I have also started blogging about blogging. While this is a strong interest of mine and of value to some readers, I have decided it doesn’t belong here. Instead I decided to guest write articles about it and created my Weebly site to organize all my blogging related links and articles. If you are a blogger and want to read about what I am finding out about in the blogging world that is helpful please go to my new website for it found @

I debated about whether I would blog about the refining process @ work here, but I figured that I should put it out in the open so it could be discussed. I hope you would be so kind as to provide some feedback on how I can make this website better. Thank you all for contributing!

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  1. In most cases, it takes a while for us to find the real focus but at the end of the day, it all comes down to what our audience want to see. So it’s pretty much a game of trial and error to see which one converts the most.

    Thanks for the visit and look forward to seeing you again. Oh ya, it’s a real honor to be at your blogroll sharing the same spot with those bloggers whom I have the most respect and admiration.


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