Decisions, Decisions

This is my Saturday Rap where I give my site updates and also deliver the best links I have found on the web.

First, the update…

Not too much to update. Traffic has had some amazing swings thanks mostly to Stumble Upon. And I have even received a fair amount of traffic from Google. My compete ranking should come in sooner but I think I have had my biggest month of traffic ever and February only has 28 days so I am happy about that. Not much else to say…

On to the links…

Im back to doing my standard three links. Here you go.

  1. Free at Last!: Saying Good-bye to 20 Years of Debt. – You guys probably know by now that JD at Get Rich Slowly is one of my favorite writers on the web. This is one of his older articles but its a really good one I have recently read.
  2. Most Beautiful Places of the World – Part 2 – This is a different kind of link I share with you guys, but I think you will like it. I love all my SU friends that send me great stuff and this is pretty cool. Its like a guide of places you might like to visit. All the images would make cool desktop backgrounds too.
  3. Sharpen Your Critical Thinking with E-Prime – The whole concept behind E-Prime and this article is to remove the verb “to be” in all its forms. This is well worth reading and will make you think a lot. This is a very important concept for all my fellow writers to think about as well. So please check this one out!

Lastly, I have a special guest writer visiting on Monday so please check it out! Until then…

p.s. The article title “Decisions, Decisions” just has to do with the fact that I am making some very life changing decisions right now. I have come to a Y in the road and I am going to take it! 😉


  1. Hi Jeremy, congrats on the traffic! I’m looking forward to reading about your Y soon! I like the way you keep evolving and trying new things and keeping us posted on your blog. Have a lovely Sunday, Jeremy.

    Daphne’s last blog post..Parallel Universes: You May Be Everything You Ever Wanted To Be