Building Community: A Month in the Making

Here is my Saturday Rap. Where I highlight some of the great things I found on the net this week and give everyone updates about my website. Here we go…

First, the site update…

I want to thank everyone for visiting my site. I have gotten a lot of great responses and a lot of traffic. Thanks mostly to my stumble upon friends I now have about 100 plus people visiting every day and over 60 subscribers. It is truly a joy to see how many people are finding value in my writing.

The interviews I have been doing have been very successful. And I am excited to be having some guest writers here soon as well as having some fellow bloggers allow me the priviledge of guest writing for their blog. I am also becoming a fairly active member in the Stumble Upon community and I will be writing an article about how to use Stumble Upon effectively soon. When you see it, don’t forget to give it the thumbs up. 😉

Also, I have created a rather large list of personal development blogs that is constantly being updated. Check it often. And I have started up the Carnival of Personal Development. Please consider submitting articles there to make it a success.

So the first month has been really successful and productive. I am excited to see what future months hold.

Next, the coolest sites of the week…

This is a story that has been passed around the internet for sure, but its a great story. A story about life entitled Life Explained. Truly worth the minute it takes to read.

Get Rich Slowly is one of my all time favorite personal finance blogs. I just found this earlier this week. It is the original post that started it all. Glad JD decided to write this on his original blog. Check out the original Get Rich Slowly post on Folded Space.

This next one is called Stop Plagiarism in 3 Easy Steps. It’s good for a laugh. It got a ton of Diggs and stumbles.

The titles of the rest kinda speak for themselves.

  1. If you think you can’t play guitar think again. (Actually this doesn’t speak for itself, this guy doesn’t have a hand.)
  2. The Power of Writing Things Down.
  3. How to Travel, Grow a Business, and Take Your Family With You.
  4. 5 Infallible Ways to Lower Your Income Taxes.
  5. Leonardo Da Vinci Guide to Being a Renaissance Man.
  6. 7 Fail Proof Ways to Rev Up Your Fat Burning and Get Lean
  7. Could You Eat Healthfully on One Dollar a Day?

Well that’s all for this week folks. Check back next week for an in depth look at the inner workings of Stumble Upon, how to use it, and how to build a community from it.




  1. Thanks for the link, Jeremy!

    I guess I should make my titles a little more descriptive next time, hehe.

    TheAndySan’s last blog post..Help Me Get (And Give) Something For My Birthday & Christmas!!

  2. No problem! Love your site. Your title was good. You had to watch the video to make it worth it though. thanks for visiting!


  3. Jeremy,

    Congrats on all of your success so far! You are really starting to take off. You reached 60 subscribers quite fast. Your writing is honest and there is a lot of passion behind it. Keep up what you are doing!

    Keep in mind, you are always more than welcome to do a guest post on my site. And also, I might want to interview you sometime, how do you feel about that?

    Enjoying the snow?

    – Jack Rugile
    Simple Sapien

    Simple Sapien’s last blog post..Simple Challenge #5: Start a Journal or a Blog

  4. Hey Jeremy,

    Looks like everything is going pretty well for you. I hope that your community continues to grow. 🙂

    Raymond Chua’s last blog post..Create A Passion That Drives You

  5. @ Jack – Hey, Im up for an interview anytime. And I do hope to have a good idea for a guest post soon.

    @ Raymond – Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment. I hope this community continues to grow as well. 😉

  6. You’re off to a great start!

    Vered – MomGrind’s last blog post..Ugliest Shoes EVER

  7. Thanks Vered! For stopping by and taking time to comment! I appreciate it!

  8. You’re doing great here Jeremy! Looks like lots of great links to check out, thanks for sharing them.

  9. Thanks Lance! Glad we can be a part of each other’s community.

  10. Congrats on the milestones. I remember the early days of my blogging and it was very exciting to reach century type milestones. You’ve got some great posts here and thanks to the power of the web I am sure you will grow exponetially.


    Andy’s last blog post..Home Mortgage Refinancing Plan. Finally a Good Idea

  11. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the compliment and thanks for visiting. I think you have a great site as well and I also hope you reach the goals you are setting for yourself.