Best of the Yakezie – November 2010

I just recently joined a wonderful community of personal finance bloggers called the Yakezie, and decided to showcase some of their best posts.

Currently we have over 100 PF bloggers and it seems to keep growing everyday. At last count Wisebread is keeping track of over 650 PF blogs, so there is still plenty of room to grow.

One of the tenants of the Yakezie is to help out anyone wherever we can. Helping people with their personal finances is what we do best, and doing a post where I list some of the Yakezie’s best posts seemed to be a good way to help.

So here you go… Some great articles written by some great people… Enjoy…

  1. Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff brings us Diagnose Your Financial Health
  2. Craig @ Free From Broke brings us How To Improve Your Credit Score
  3. Robert @ The College Investor brings us Getting Out From Student Loan Debt
  4. Eric @ The Narrow Bridge brings us What is an ADR?
  5. Amanda @ Frugal Confessions brings us Taking the Personal Out of Personal Finances
  6. Phil @ PT Money brings us Free Airline Miles: A Beginner’s Guide
  7. John @ PF Income brings us 5 Signs Your Job has Become Unhealthy
  8. Kris @ Every Day Tips brings us 10 Tips For Buying a New Home
  9. James Folkes brings us How To Open A Roth IRA
  10. Penny @ The Saved Quarter brings us Clothing Kids For Close to Free
  11. Tim @ Nerd Wallet brings us Have a Limited Credit History? Avoid These 5 Pitfalls
  12. Joe @ Retire by 40 brings us Netflix separation anxiety attack
  13. Kevin @ Credit Shout brings us Chase Ultimate Rewards Shopping Portal Review
  14. Khaleef @ KNS Financial brings us Retirement
    Planning Advice
  15. Freddie @ Invest With Passion brings us Real Estate Investing for Beginners
  16. Suba @ Wealth Informatics brings us Bush tax cuts

Let me know which ones are your favorite posts in the comment section!

11 thoughts on “Best of the Yakezie – November 2010”

  1. Thanks for the article links, these have some important information in them. Yakezie community sounds great to be a part of. Thanks for sharing.

    – Robert

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