Best Health Blogs to Follow

I have been promising this for awhile and it is finally here…

A great list of blogs to follow (in no particular order) related to health, exercise, diet, nutrition and many other health-related topics…

There is a wealth of information to be found in these blogs and I have decided to make this a “live” post, meaning I will continue to add great health related blogs as I find them. Feel free to suggest yours, or a good one you have found in the comments below…

Whole Health Source – Written by Stephan Guyenet, PhD in Neurobiology
Mark’s Daily Apple – An ex-professional marathoner turned health author and advisor.
The Blog of Dr. Michael R. Eades, M.D. – Author of the Bestselling book Protein Power along with 14 other books.
Dr. Briffa – Author of 7 books on nutrition and international speaker on health.
PaleoNu – Written by Kurt G. Harris, M.D.
Fitness Tips for Life – A guy named Bill, who changed his life around, gives some good fitness tips.
Better’s Better – Adam Steer talks about the Circular Strength Training System
Health Matters to Me – Written by Ryan Koch, a guy who brings together some good info.
Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger. – Great story by a guy who used diet and exercise to overcome obesity, poor health, and asthma. He continues to write some great “in your face” articles about health.
Tony Horton’s Blog Spot – Tony Horton of P90X fame, one of the most intense exercise programs out there.
Leigh Peele – Great blog written by a trainer that has some significant media coverage. She has a very interesting writing style worth checking out.
Tom Venuto – Billed as the honest fitness site. Bodybuilder turned info product pro. There are some great free articles on his site worth checking out.
Get Fit Slowly – Spin off of the popular Personal Finance Site, “Get Rich Slowly” written mostly by J.D.’s friend Mac.
Kitchen Table Medicine – Led by Dr. Nicole Sundene, and written by numerous Doctors, Trainers, and Nutritionists, this is one of the best blogs out there when it comes to preventive health. As the title suggests it mainly focuses on eating right for a healthy life.
Olson ND – Written by Dr. Scott Olson, who has a background in chiropractic and writes about all kinds of health related topics.
Sheer Balance – Brett Blumenthal founded Sheer Balance in 2007 in order to help individuals find balance and health easily, naturally, and sustainably. I love her site a lot and I think you will too!
The Office Diet – Written by my friend Ali, The Office Diet talks about how to stay healthy when you work in an office all day. Good stuff!

Let me know what other health related blogs or websites you have found that are quite informative!

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