A Simple Plan of Progression…

…is the best.

First, decide what you want or where you want to get to (sometimes this is the hardest part).

Two, plot out your course. Make a map. Know the terrain.

Three, figure out what tools you will need along the way. One single tool can determine your success or failure. Make sure you know what those are before you leave.

Four, pack provisions. Most trips will cost you more in time and money then you can accurately estimate. Decide what you think you need, then pack 10-20% more.

Five, start out on your journey, one step at a time. Know that prepping for the journey is often harder then actually doing it.

Six, don’t forget to reassess at way points. Ask yourself if you have everything you need to still continue. The better supported you are, the more likely you will succeed.

Lastly, build and use social capital. Though you may take the journey alone you are still supported by the people around you. Help those you can. Be gracious with the help you receive.

Those that have achieved success in life will often tell you that success breeds success. Each goal won leads you on to bigger and better things.

If you just keep taking step after step, no matter how hard they are, success is almost inevitable.

I am convinced that the #1 reason people fail is that they didn’t do their prep work. Either they didn’t have the knowledge, tools, or provisions necessary. Or they really didn’t figure out how important the goal was for them in the first place so they quit.

Next week, I want to address this issue. Up till now we have been discussing things in a broad and general matter. It’s time to get down to the specifics….

4 thoughts on “A Simple Plan of Progression…”

  1. veterinary technician

    Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

  2. Jeremy, you raise an awesome point, simple is definitely the best way to go, I mean if you over complicate things, you can lose sight of the big picture, and likely lose that trail of progression.

    Till then,


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