9 Easy Ways to Get a Life

Has anyone every told you to, “Get a Life”? Unless you are the coolest cat in town, you have probably heard that at least once in your life. And you know what, there is nothing wrong with that. Anyone who is into personal development is looking to get a life. A great life. A life they love to live…

See the thing is, we sometimes don’t know how to get more life out of our… life. More bang for your buck, if you will. I’m on the journey too, but here are some ways this cool cat gets more out of life

  1. Decide. Oh, I’m a big fan of deciding. See most people talk, and talk, and talk until they are blue in the face. I hate talk. I like doing. Making a decision is the bridge between talking and doing. So deciding you want to get a better life is the first step.
  2. Prioritize. Ah, all you life hackers out there gotta love this one. If you don’t prioritize you don’t get the important things done. Your life looks like one big mess when you don’t prioritize. Stop spinning in circles and making yourself dizzy. Prioritize to get the life you crave and desire.
  3. Write Stuff Down. Huh? Write stuff down. How does this make my life better? It does. Trust me. Start doing it and see the results. Oh, you need proof? Ever forget to get something at the grocery store? Ever have a great idea that would make your friends wow at your brilliance or could make you loads of money, and then forgot it? Have you forgotten what it was like to have your first kiss, graduate from high school or college, get married, win that trophy, or get that promotion at work? Are you really gonna make me go on and on and on? I don’t like talking, remember. Just start doing. 😉
  4. Make some friends. To do this I will first say you have to be a good friend to get good friends. You have to be a great friend to get great friends. With that said, here are what friends are good for. To be happy with you when you are happy. To be sad with you when you are sad. To help you get your next job or promotion. To help you meet your future spouse. To plain old just have fun with. Be a friend, and make some friends.
  5. Love What You Do. Most people are miserable with what they do for a living. That’s not a way to get a life. That’s a way to dig a grave. Ok, maybe this step isn’t as easy as the other ones. But don’t make it more complex then it is. If you start heading in the direction of your love today, you will soon find yourself there.
  6. Improve Your Health. You can’t have much of a life if you are sick in bed or dying can you? Well we are all dying one day at a time, but we are also living one day at a time. Learn to improve your health. If you don’t know where to start, start here.
  7. Improve Your Finances. Hey, money doesn’t bring you happiness. It is simply a tool and an enabler. Use it to your advantage. Certainly don’t work to save up money and then live. Live now, but also learn how to manage your finances now. If your money is under control, a large part of your life will be under control, and you will be able to live the life you want. Start Here.
  8. Get Some Hobbies. People with hobbies are cool people. They always have something to talk about. People without hobbies? Boring! Plenty of people have drinking as their hobby but I would stay away from that. I’m talking about constructive hobbies like blogging.
  9. Connect With a Higher Purpose. We all have our own reasons to live. What I mean by a higher purpose is something larger than yourself. The way to get a life is to stop being so selfish. We are all learning that he who dies with the most toys, still dies. So answer the question of your purpose. It may not be totally answered at any given time, but it’s something to always consider when you are trying to get a life. Or nine of them…

So what are you waiting for? Go and get you some more life juice and drink it up!!! 😉



21 thoughts on “9 Easy Ways to Get a Life”

  1. I hate talk. I like doing.

    This reminds me of what my grandma always said: Actions speak louder than words. It’s so true. When you want something in life, you can’t just dream about it, make lists about it, talk about it… You have to DO something to make it happen. It’s amazing how many people forget that part of the process!

    These are great tips, Jeremy. Very stumble-worthy article!


  2. Excellent and pertinent.

    Do you think that “Connect With a Higher Purpose” can be fulfilled by having children. Are they a “higher purpose” or are you talking more spiritually? (Neither of which I have achieved.)

  3. @ Michele – My goal in just about all of my writing is to write in a way that helps people take action. It seems to be a monumental task, but I am doing my best.

    @ Stuart – Thanks!

    @ Ian – I think doing them all at once and maintaining them is hard. Picking one to start with and just doing it is easy. At least that is what I believe.

    @ PS – Thanks! Glad I could make your day!

    @ SR – I believe children can be a higher purpose. Even working on your marriage is a higher purpose. God can be your higher purpose. What I was trying to say, was that if you only live for yourself, you miss out on a lot of what life has to offer.


  4. Just following orders. Actually, here’s more substance:

    The list almost follows a hierarchy like Maslow’s. There’s kind of a progression, where, in the end, you have the holy grail.

    And to that, I’ll drink up some more.

  5. First of all, I would like to thank you for posting the cute kitty’s pic! I love it! 😀

    On a serious note, I personally feel deciding and prioritising are the most important aspects when it comes to achieving one’s goals. I don’t know about others, but writing things down has always worked out the best in my case. I update my hand-written journal often and that has personally helped me reach my goals faster. I am proud to state the fact that my friends, though less in number, have been spoiling me beyond words! What more can a person ask for? 😛
    And yeah, I love what I do, though at times it bores me to death. Well, whenever I find something that isn’t cup of tea, I make it a point to turn all philosophical and say “This too shall pass!”
    Thanks to my optimism that comes in handy at times! 😛 As regards health, I am hale and healthy and live a complete life:) I am a frugal person and Money isn’t a problem as well! Now, does sleeping count as a hobby? 😀 Jokes apart, I am a voracious reader, a singer and a blogger. But people still don’t find me interesting remains a mystery to me! 😀 LOL, well, there’s an obvious disadvantage when you think a lot. Books have imparted in me the very “habit” and I guess I am overdoing it! Believe me, the last point has me thinking about why I live. That’s a nice topic to contemplate!

    Trust I have not bored you to death with this comment of mine!

    rampantheart’s last blog post..Are we escaping reality?

  6. Hi RH,

    Thanks again for visiting! And believe me, I love the long comments so keep them coming! I am glad you are really thinking about the last point. Perhaps it is the most important one of all…


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  10. Back when I played too much Starcraft my mom used to tell me this. “Get a life!” Then I went to a bunch of parties and she said, “You need to study more! Read a book”. So I read a book, and she told me, “Go outside!”. It’s a constant struggle with her

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