66 Best Personal Excellence Tips

Every now and then I run across some great project ideas that my fellow bloggers are doing on the net. My friend Luciano at Litemind is doing a project called 66 Best Personal Excellence Tips. It is a project where he asked all his readers to submit their best personal excellence tip. He came up with 66 of them in the comment section and reposted them asking people to vote.

My suggestion happens to be #4 on his list…

#4 Persist until it pays off. Most people give up right before they are about to succeed. Never, never, never give up! (by Jeremy Day)

To vote you have to choose 5 of the 66 tips and list them in the comment section. Please go check them out and vote. I think it is an awesome project and I am very curious to see which ones get the highest votes. The bigger the sample population (this means you!) the better. 😉

So go there right now….

66 Best Personal Excellence Tips



4 thoughts on “66 Best Personal Excellence Tips”

  1. It’s a cool project Luciano put together, and I’m sure it took a big chunk of time to get it all organized.

    Great addition on your part – persistence is such an important part of achieving success in our lives – you’ve given an excellent tip for everyone to bounce around!

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