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In an effort to help keep my writing focused I have decided to start another blog @ I started this website to help get my name out there and market myself a bit more as well.

To start, I don’t plan on making any major changes to Insight Writer. It has and will always be a site dedicated to Personal Development, Personal Finance, and Personal Health related issues. Currently I am trying to focus on health related topics as I feel there is a serious lack of quality writing on this subject on the web.

However, I have noticed myself going off in many other directions on this blog. I have written quite a bit about business, economics, and politics on this blog. In an effort to make this blog better I deleted the business and politics categories and moved most of them to Economics. I didn’t want to delete my articles entirely so I kept the Economics category.

In the spirit of this website I added two new categories which should be near and dear to anyone wanting to live a better life. They are Diet & Exercise, and Simplicity & Minimalism .

In the near future I will be writing about a lot of diets out there (such as the Paleo Diet, etc.) as well as choosing a diet to fit the lifestyle you want to lead.

I also want to start talking more about exercise and how things such as Yoga can be a great part of an exercise routine.

As far as Simplicity & Minimalism go I am a true believer. I believe the best way to live a better life is often found on the path of taking things away rather then adding them. Cut out the non-essential and you will live a better life. The problem is that we don’t want to give up our hard earned stuff. There is a lot of deep psychology involved in discussing this topic and I am super excited to write about it.

As far as my new blog is concerned, Jeremy M Day, I am self naming it because I want to begin the process of branding myself as a career and business advisor.

I have always had a deep interest in helping people figure out what they want to do with their lives. And in one way or another that involves joining or starting a business. Doctors and lawyers are just as much a part of a business as garbage collectors and carpenters are. One could even argue that stay at home moms are part of a business. A family business if you will.

So what you want to do with your life could also be asked by saying, “What business do you want to be a part of?”

That is what I plan to write about and be well versed enough in to be called an expert on the subject.

I want to be able to advise people all along the way of the process. From choosing what career best suites them, to helping them become proficient and eventual experts in their field. Then to eventually start their own business in their area of expertise, or choose to give back in the form of teaching and writing about their chosen field.

With all that said I know most of you that currently read Insight Writer will be happy with the direction Insight Writer is going in and will be happy to read more.

For those of you interested in gaining more career and business advice, it is my hope that you would come on over to and join our subscribers and commenters in the discussion of making our careers and businesses better.

Thank you for being a reader here at Insight Writer, and I hope to see you at my new website as well.


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  1. I never really cared for my personal health, until recently when I had to go to the hospital, because of liver failure. Anyways I think fitness and diet are important for ourselves!

  2. Great idea to expand to a personally branded blog. Many bloggers make the mistake of spreading the focus/theme of their blog too much. They just write about whatever they want and their blog suffers. A blog is much better when it has focus and a main theme.

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