Glorious Snowfall

This is my Saturday Rap where I gve a few updates and a few cool links from the week.

First, the update…

So I have decided to make these updates slightly more personal. Mainly because I think site updates can be a little boring sometimes…

Anyway, we got a lot of snowfall here and I happened to have the past two days off because of it.

I actually got to go sled riding yesterday and it was really fun. I think it is a wonderfully good thing to take some time out of your life and go have a little silly fun like sled riding. It certainly helps you get a little more perspective on life if you are looking for it.

As for my site news you will see I have added new subscribe buttons. And I have limited my categories to the main ideas of this site and have limited my popular posts to only 10 that have been posted in the past 60 days.

I figured my more popular posts that are older are easy to find and don’t necessary need to be on the front page. Also, before my one year anniversary I plan on adding a whole new page that will include the most popular links of all time. More on that to come…

Also, instead of a whole site redesign I only plan on getting a design for the banner to start “branding” insight writer. Do you guys have any ideas?

Now, the links…

I happen to have 4 links instead of the customary 3 this week. There has been a lot of stuff coming out. Check these out!

  1. Rethinking the American Dream. This one really got me thinking. Ron at The Wisdom Journal really laid it on the line and challenged us to rethink the American Dream.
  2. Powerful Quotes and Why They Resonate With Me. I love quotes! Steve shared some of his favorite quotes at My Wife Quit Her Job. This makes for really good reading. I think I will be doing a similar post in the future.
  3. Limits and Creativity. As a professional photographer this post really resonated with me. It talks about how an artist can use the limits of his or her craft to create magic. In a world of Full HD color sometimes it’s nice to stay within the confines of black and white film. Right?
  4. Why Are You Still Trying? Alex Shalman talks about his experience of attempting to get into Dental School and failing. Yet, he isn’t giving up. This is an inspiring story that may help us to hold onto our dreams.

Thank you all for a wonderful week. I have some surprises in store for next week including the carnival of personal development on Monday. I’m looking forward to it!



2 thoughts on “Glorious Snowfall”

  1. Jeremy,

    I like the changes you made. You have cut the fat and it is much easier to digest. The icons are fun ๐Ÿ™‚ I am going to be critical for a few moments though, meant in a positive way of course! These are just my opinions.

    1. I feel like your top navigation is a little disconnected from the site. Something as important as the main navigation should not be hidden.

    2. The form to fill in your email address to subscribe to your RSS by email is kind of confusing. I know it says email right above it, but when it does not say specifically, right next to a text box, what exactly I am supposed to type in, it could get confusing. I suggest adding pre-entered text like you have on your search form.

    3. Your subscription icons are found on the left side and the top. That is fine, however, they are not in the same order. That is me being OCD, but if you made the tops ones go email, rss, and then comments in that order, it would help.

    That is all, keep up the great work!

    – Jack

    Jack Rugile’s last blog post..Destruction, Mantic Ritual, Krisiun, Havok, Within the Chaos – Bluebird Theater

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