Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur: Anywired

If you have ever been interested in, or even entertained the thought of striking out on your own and becoming an entreprenuer than this is THE article you need to read. The subtitle for the article is called the Complete Guide and 40+ Resources. Believe me when I say it is a complete guide. It is one more shiny example of how bloggers deliver value to their readers.

There are basically three types of life style entreprenuers:

  1. Time-minimalists. Those that find ways to make a great sustainable income without working insane hours. They usually do it to make time for other hobbies or even for more family time.
  2. Nomadic entrepreneurs. Those that find a way to take their business national or global and leverage modern technology to eliminate the need to be confined to one geographic location.
  3. Do it for Love. Those that may or may not fit into the above categories, but certainly spend their waking hours obsessing over their love of whatever business they pursue. For them, work is play!
There is so much good stuff in this article that I just had to post it.


So have you thought about it? Being an entrepreneur I mean? If you have thought about it, you should probably try it, even if it is in the form of a small side business. I know most people are comfortable and would prefer being employees. But if you are one of the ones who has actually thought about starting a business, then just go out there and do it! Remember that Master Yoda says, “Do or Do Not, There Is No Try.”
Again, the article that could help motivate you to start your own business is found @ and is entitled, Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur: Complete Guide and 40+ Resources.

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  1. I like seeing items being broken up into multiple categories. It would appear that individuals under the category of “nomadic entrepreneurs” would probably be more interested in their interest than a specific area of residence. I have noticed a few individuals that have pointed out their interest in becoming location-independent, so that their relevance is maintained regardless of where they currently are.

    Armen Shirvanian’s last blog post..Quality Builds On Itself

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  3. Yes i have thought about it being an entrepeneur. Brewmaster…Beer Maker…amazing.

    Anyway, another blog where you read an article and write your opinion, or write a paper, about it. What you miss college that much?

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