The best and worst of weeks…

This is my Saturday Rap where I give updates about my site and also share with you the best links I have found on the web.

First, the update…

This has been one of the best weeks in terms of content generation and traffic. We started off the week with Mark Foo’s guest article about being an outstanding conversationalist. And then I just felt inspired to write a few articles about things close to my heart.

The response in traffic and comments has been great. I really enjoy talking about current events in the context of improving our lives. For me, it reaches an almost poetic level in terms of my writing.

We will have some guest writers in the coming weeks as well. Remember, if you are ever interested in writing a guest post feel free to contact me.

It was the worst of weeks because I have been traveling a lot, getting little sleep, and it is showing at work. Also, the news this week has been disturbing. I think I need to fast from the news this coming week…

Now, the links…

  1. How to Get Bruce Lee Strength Without Ever Going to the Gym. – This is a GREAT article! Bruce Lee is one of my heroes. He was an amazing guy. I have practiced Jeet Kune Do and have read most of his books and everything I could find out about him. Jonathan Mead wrote this on Zen Habits. It’s worth checking out.
  2. Don’t be a generalist – Typecast Yourself. – This is an older article from Penelope’s blog the Brazen Careerist. I spent a lot of time this past week going through her archives. My recent articles about Y’s in the road and being good at something you don’t enjoy kind of show why I have been reading a lot of career material. This is good food for thought.
  3. How to be Happy. – This is a great article by Eric over at Motivate Thyself. I was skeptical at first but he does have a lot of great insight into the issue. He even points out in the beginning that he had to do a lot of personal introspection to even write the article. It’s worth taking the time to read it to glean the wisdom he has gained from many hours of deep thinking.

Again, I want to thank you all for taking time to read Insight Writer. I get a lot of satisfaction out of just writing, but all of your comments help me to continue on. So thank you. I do appreciate it!